Album 0185: Opeth – Heritage


Release Date: 2011
Genre: Progressive Rock


1. Heritage (02:05)
2. The Devil’s Orchard (06:40)
3. I Feel The Dark (06:40)
4. Slither (04:03)
5. Nepenthe (05:40)
6. Häxprocess (06:58)
7. Famine (08:32)
8. The Lines In My Hand (03:49)
9. Folklore (08:19)
10. Marrow Of The Earth (04:19)

Total Length: 57:40

Heritage is honestly a fantastic opening track. It fits the mood and tone of the album, and I just plain love the melody and the piano sounds fantastic. The Devil’s Orchard is a pretty cool prog rock song, with a great intro and amazing instrumental section. It certainly doesn’t really sound like anything the band has done before, a big throwback to the 70s style progressive rock. I Feel The Dark feels like two songs smashed together. The first half has some nice acoustic guitar and vocals, even if I don’t really like that it feels like the band holding back. The second half is a bit heavier and has some neat moments, but overall the song feels a bit too long.

Slither is overall more rockin’ than the previous tracks and has a cool guitar solo, but I don’t understand why they made the vocals so hard to make out. The ending acoustic guitars are nice though. Nepenthe is very laid back and doesn’t do much for me. The song plays and once it’s over I can’t remember anything about it. Häxprocess is a very calm, soft spoken song, and while I appreciate the band experimenting, the song literally does nothing for me except bore me a little bit.

Famine has this percussion intro for the first 90 seconds that is useless, as the song could have started with the piano and lost nothing. I enjoy the use of woodwinds and the heavy riff that repeats, but I still can’t help but feel that something is off about the songwriting. The Lines In My Hand is cool, but once again something just feels off. Folklore is probably the best song on the album, though the second half seems to have no bearing on the first half and fading it out is lazy. Marrow Of The Earth is a good instrumental to end the album with. I enjoy it, though it feels like it should reference back to the title track, but it doesn’t. Overall, I’ve listened to this album a good amount of times and still have no real idea what to make of it. There are a bunch of decisions made that I don’t understand, just because they were getting bored with their usual style.

Final Rating: 7/10

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