Album 0186: Voodoo Glow Skulls – Adicción, Tradición, Revolución


Release Date: 2004
Genre: Ska/Punk


1. Ghettoblaster (03:33)
2. Adicción, Tradición, Revolución (03:37)
3. Mayhem And Murder (02:57)
4. Smile Now, Cry Later (03:37)
5. DD Don’t Like Ska (03:29)
6. Dia De Los Muertos (02:45)
7. Eville (03:04)
8. Cochino (02:20)
9. Disaster (02:20)
10. Musical Pollution (03:40)
11. We Represent (03:11)
12. Enter The Dragon (02:40)
13. Bastard Music (02:17)
14. Used To Love Her (02:35)

Total Length: 42:05

Ghettoblaster starts off with a sample from A Clockwork Orange which seems unrelated to the actual song. The song proper is fairly fun, with a neat main riff, but something about the production really puts me off, including the vocals being pretty low in the mix. Adicción, Tradición, Revolución has cool bass a great chorus, but the verses leave me feeling nothing. Mayhem And Murder is pretty fun, and I’m kind of starting to get the groove of the album.

Smile Now, Cry Later is a pretty fun ska song, I really enjoy the main horn line. DD Don’t Like Ska kind of feels odd to me. If another band or singer had done this song, it would be great, but with this band it just feels decent, like they took one recording pass and it was done. Dia De Los Muertos is just decent, it doesn’t do anything for me at all. Eville has some really odd, distracting guitars or synths going on in the background. It was kind of irritating.

Cochino kind of feels childish, there is just something off about the rhythm. Disaster sounds like many other songs on here. Musical Pollution has the same problem. We Represent is pretty cool, even if I’m not entirely fond of the vocals, both lead and backing. Enter The Dragon is decent, but one of those songs where I remember nothing about it after it’s over. Bastard Music has a neat main riff, and the vocals sort of work for once. Used To Love Her is a Guns ‘N Roses cover, and it’s a good ending for the album. Overall, this album just does nothing for me, as the very few highlights do not prompt me to want to listen to it again.

Final Rating: 5.5/10


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