Album 0188: Various Artists – 25 Year Legend: A Legend Of Zelda Indie Game Composer Tribute


Release Date: 2011
Genre: Soundtrack/Indie/Electronic


1. Disasterpeace – Chamber Of The Goddess (03:03)
2. Rekcahdam – Gimme My Sword! (04:54)
3. Laura Shigihara – Fushigina Forest (02:49)
4. Joshua Morse – Link’s Epoch (03:51)
5. Jeff Ball – Labyrinth Of Dance Floors (07:02)
6. HyperDuck SoundWorks – Hoy, Small Fry! (04:06)
7. Air & Sea – To Everything There Is A Temple Of Seasons (02:04)
8. C418 – Skyward (02:42)
9. Big Giant Circles feat. Jeff Ball – Thunderstruck (04:02)
10. Josh Whelchel – Zelda’s First Trip To The “Village” (03:28)
11. MisfitChris – Village From Your Past (03:31)
12. Mattias Häggström Gerdt – Hey, Listen (03:27)
13. Kozilek – Last Dance Of The Giants (05:01)
14. Gryzor87 – Ilia’s Adagio Meets Dark March (04:31)
15. Dong – Ballad Of The Wind Fish (04:28)
16. CPTLR – Lon Lon Ranch (03:40)
17. SoulEye – Link’s Final Battle (03:27)
18. Matheus Manente – Zelda’s Graceful Nightmares (09:13)

Total Length: 01:15:18

This OCRemix project starts off with Chamber Of The Goddess. It’s a great intro and, to be weird for a moment, it sounds like they are using the Legend of Dragoon sound set to do this track, giving it this weird feeling. Definitely enjoyably. Gimme My Sword! has a bit more of an indie rock vibe while still being sequenced, I kind of like it but a lot of the sounds are unnecessarily harsh or too dynamic, making the track a bit tough to listen to at time. The samples in the second half are pretty bad as well. Fushigina Forest is a nice piano-only track, I don’t love it but it is better than the previous track.

Link’s Epoch is very cool, my only complaint would be that the electric guitar portion sounds really cheesy and not handled well. Labyrinth Of Dance Floors is a big long dance song. Enjoyable, but I am definitely bored by the end. Hoy, Small Fry! is folky and fun and awesome. To Everything There Is A Temple Of Seasons is kind of neat, it doesn’t stay too long past its welcome. Skyward is kind of downtrodden. It’s a decent enough track. Thunderstruck is just plain awesome, love it.

Zelda’s First Trip To The “Village” is weird and I don’t really get it. Village From Your Past is nice and calm, I could see it actually being in one of the games. Hey, Listen is dubstep-y and passable. Last Dance Of The Giants gets very annoying halfway through. Ilia’s Adagio Meets Dark March is nice but doesn’t do much for me. Ballad Of The Wind Fish doesn’t feel like it belongs on here, but it’s not bad, just feels a bit childish. And I assume that the song was made using that vocal sample thing.

Lon Lon Ranch starts off great and then suddenly gets dark and heavy. Cool song. Link’s Final Battle starts off terribly, but the other two-thirds of the song is okay. Zelda’s Graceful Nightmare is a long, mostly metal piece that is actually quite good. I was honestly surprised. I don’t really listen to this much just because of the mixture of styles, quality of the tracks, and I admittedly am not the biggest Zelda fan, but there is good music on here.

Final Rating: 7.5/10


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