Album 0190: Turisas – Battle Metal

Turisas - Battle Metal

Release Date: 2004
Genre: Folk Metal


1. Victoriae & Triumphi Dominus (01:28)
2. As Torches Rise (04:51)
3. Battle Metal (04:23)
4. The Land Of Hope And Glory (06:22)
5. The Messenger (04:42)
6. One More (06:50)
7. Midnight Sunrise (08:15)
8. Among Ancestors (05:17)
9. Sahti-Waari (02:28)
10. Prologue For R.R.R. (03:09)
11. Rex Regi Rebellis (07:10)
12. Katuman Kaiku (02:22)
13. Battle Metal (2008 version) (04:05)
14. As Torches Rise (live) (05:26)
15. One More (live) (07:12)

Total Length: 01:14:02

Victoriae & Triumphi Dominus doesn’t utilize the best sound library and isn’t too great of an intro until the vocals come in. As Torches Rise also has the same issue, and really the whole album does. Notably, any brass sounds seem fake (because they are) and only work if they are masked by vocals. This is still a fairly good song other than the spoken part though. Battle Metal has a not-so-good chorus, but I still somewhat enjoy the song. The Land Of Hope And Glory is fantastic though, and is the point where I really start to love this album. The melody focuses more on strings rather than horns, and it simply works a lot better. There is a bit of a humpaa influence in there which is very cool as well.

The Messenger has some neat moments, but it doesn’t really gel as a whole song for me. One More is honestly kind of boring, and too long. Midnight Sunrise is pretty amazing. It never really gets boring, and the violin is great. Pretty much a standout track on the album, though the two minute downtime/interlude at the end of the track isn’t entirely necessary. It does transition right into Among Ancestors though, which has a pretty neat main melody going on at least. There is another interlude at the end of this song, which admittedly does create a nice flow with this section of the album.

Transitioning into the next track, Sahti-Waari is an incredibly fun (mostly) instrumental, on the level of Pine Woods for classic representations of folk metal. Prologue For R.R.R. is entirely spoken word and I generally skip it. Rex Regi Rebellis is a very cool track, maybe not quite worth a 3-minute prologue, but no matter. Just a very fun song. Katuman Kaiku is a great little ending track. Somber and just great.

The 2008 version of Battle Metal is more well done than the original, but I still am not very fond of the track. The live version of As Torches Rise is much the same as the studio version, I enjoy it about the same. One More played live has a bit more energy to it, but I still feel like the song goes on too long. In all honesty, it’s kind of a weak batch of bonus tracks. I do enjoy this album though, mostly because of a few choice tracks and the hope that the band can do more of those types of songs in the future. This debut album shows promise that I hope will be fulfilled.

Final Rating: 8/10


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