Album 0193: Solefald – Neonism


Release Date: 1999
Genre: Avant-garde Black Metal


1. Proprietors Of Red (06:36)
2. Speed Increased To Scaffold (08:28)
3. CK II Chanel No. 6 (03:33)
4. Fluorescent (The Total Orchestra) (05:22)
5. A Motion Picture (01:56)
6. Omnipolis (05:37)
7. Backpacka Baba (05:22)
8. Third Person Plural (04:03)
9. 04.34 PM (03:24)
10. The New Timelessness (06:02)
11. Cosmophony (04:26)

Total Length: 54:47

Proprietors Of Red has some good riffs in it, but my favorite parts of this song are the clean vocals because they are a ton of fun and all of the keyboard/synth sounds present. It gives the slight vibe of a circus without being too cheesy, and when the song gets very heavy near the end it still feels natural. Speed Increased To Scaffold is simply fantastic. The intro is very good black metal, and once they start mixing up the vocals the song reaches another level and everything just sounds amazing. The slower, more electronic portion with nearly rap-like vocals is a fairly good change of pace, but I’m not entirely fond of it.

CK II Chanel No. 6 is a ton of fun, and has some fairly biting lyrics. Just a great song and I again love the synths. Fluorescent (The Total Orchestra) has some simply fantastic moments in it, and is a good song as a whole. A Motion Picture is a short little instrumental, a nice calm break from the other tracks. Omnipolis isn’t as great as some of the other tracks, but there is still a lot of good stuff to find in this track. Backpacka Baba is much better though, just a tad more fun and more memorable melodies.

Third Person Plural is once again great. I love the little synth melody in particular, but the whole song is great. 04.34 PM really isn’t that interesting to me. The piano is nice, but the song will pick up pace and then suddenly lose it, and then it’s over. The New Timelessness is back on form though, it’s a fairly interesting track. Cosmophony is a bonus track that was released years later, but it still completely fits with the album and ends the album on honestly a better note than the previous track. I do have an issue or two with this album, but I can plainly say that it was not at all what I expected the first time I heard it. It’s even still somewhat surprising now, just a great display of creativity.

Final Rating: 8.5/10

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