Album 0194: Kevin Gilbert – Kashmir

kevin gilbert - kashmir

Release Date: 1995
Genre: Progressive Rock


1. Kashmir (04:30)
2. Waiting (alternate version) (04:45)
3. Joytown (live) (04:30)
4. Shadow Self (alternate version) (06:47)

Total Length: 20:31

Kashmir is a cover of the classic Led Zeppelin track, and features a pretty calm opening before getting into the more rock half of the song. Both parts are good, though I’m not fond of some the rhythms in the latter half. As usual, Kevin Gilbert’s production is fantastic, and everything simply sounds great. The fade is a bit quick though. Waiting has a pretty cool main riff and some cool lyrics, good song. I’m not familiar enough with the original to know what’s different though.

Joytown is not only live, but acoustic as well. It’s pretty relaxing, again with good lyrics and the vibe it gives off honestly kind of gives me a nostalgic feeling. Shadow Self is still a pretty awesome song, especially with the group vocals. I think this version is a little bit more acoustic, so I think I prefer the album version. This is neat a little EP, I always enjoy hearing alternate versions and covers that are as cool as this one.

Final Rating: 8/10


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