Album 0196: Forefather – The Fighting Man


Release Date: 2000
Genre: Folk/Black Metal


1. The Fighting Man (04:48)
2. A New Dawn (05:40)
3. Together They Stood (04:57)
4. For These Shores (05:37)
5. The Call To Arms (02:26)
6. Out Of Darkness (04:37)
7. The Paths Of Yesterdays (07:32)
8. The Last Battle (04:46)
9. When Our England Died (03:22)
10. Deep Into Time (re-recorded) (04:21)
11. The Fighting Man (demo) (04:40)

Total Length: 52:46

The Fighting Man is a pretty good opening track, most of the riffs are catchy, and there are a few neat vocal moments. Really my only problems with it are some of the harsh vocals and the feeling that the rhythm is a bit off. A New Dawn has a great main riff and I love the use of keyboards. Together They Stood is fairly neat, I really can’t specify too much about it of what I like, but it’s enjoyable. For These Shores at least brings back some synth sounds, though the song goes on a touch long. Nothing too bad though.

The Call To Arms serves as an interlude, being a fun but unremarkable little instrumental track. Out Of Darkness has some good moments, but otherwise is just a decent track. The Paths Of Yesterdays is pretty much the best song on here. It has a lengthier running time, and I never really get bored, and all the added bits of production are neat. The Last Battle is just decent, I really can’t say a whole lot too positive or negative about it. When Our England Died fulfills the folk portion of the album, it’s a calmer song and a highlight of the album. If the band incorporated more of this type of thing I wouldn’t mind.

Deep Into Time is from their first album and they re-recorded it in the sessions for this album I suppose. It’s a decent song, nothing special. The last track is the demo version of The Fighting Man. Pretty much exactly the same but in a lesser sound quality, really not that interesting. I wanted to like this album, but there really is something that feels off about it. Nothing ever feels natural, it feels so mechanical while having a theme and lyrics that don’t fit that at all. There are moments I enjoy, but I never really choose to listen to this.

Final Rating: 7/10


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