Album 0198: Coheed And Cambria – The Second Stage Turbine Blade


Release Date: 2002
Genre: Progressive Rock


1. Second Stage Turbine Blade (00:53)
2. Time Consumer (05:42)
3. Devil In Jersey City (04:48)
4. Everything Evil (05:51)
5. Delirium Trigger (04:48)
6. Hearshot Kid Disaster (05:40)
7. 33 (03:29)
8. Junesong Provision (05:20)
9. Neverender (05:22)
10. God Send Conspirator (06:33)
11. Elf Tower New Mexico (demo) (06:04)
12. Junesong Provision (acoustic demo) (05:33)
13. Everything Evil (demo)/IRO-bot (13:38)

Total Length: 01:13:39

Second Stage Turbine Blade is a fairly nice intro track, it actually kind of sounds a bit like some Bibio stuff, it has a neat nostalgic atmosphere. Time Consumer has a great intro, and a catchy chorus, providing a strong start to the album. Devil In Jersey City is however not as good, especially the ending which strays way too far into hardcore territory for my taste. The vocals in that section are terrible. Everything Evil has some really neat moments, but honestly goes on too long overall.

Delirium Trigger is mostly good, nothing too good or bad I can say about it. Hearshot Kid Disaster has some neat moments, but contains some more terrible vocals and frankly the band is trying too hard. 33 is decent, it really doesn’t stand out at all. Junesong Provision is fairly good, about the same as the last track in all honesty. Neverender is a bit better but by this point all the songs blend together for me. I get the idea of trying to create a solid soundscape for an album, to the point that hearing just a bit of a song lets you pinpoint the band and album, but the songs need a bit more diversity.

God Send Conspirator is a pretty big improvement though, and the ending mirrors the intro which is pretty great. Elf Tower New Mexico is great, not entirely sure why it gets relegated to bonus track and one or two other songs made it on the album. The acoustic version of Junesong Provision starts with a really cool but needless Army of Darkness sample, but otherwise the song isn’t too great in this version for me. Combination of the song going on too long and the low sound quality. The demo of Everything Evil sounds pretty similar to the final version, same complaint as before though. IRO-bot is technically a hidden track that starts after about two minutes of silence. Despite being acoustic, the band seems to be taking their time a bit more, in a good way. This may have been hidden simply because it’s them trying something different, and for that reason it works. Still, I’m overall disappointed with this album and can only listen to a few songs at a time from it.

Final Rating: 6.5/10


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