Album 0200: Oingo Boingo – Dead Man’s Party


Release Date: 1985
Genre: New Wave/Rock/Pop


1. Just Another Day (05:12)
2. Dead Man’s Party (06:22)
3. Heard Somebody Cry (04:40)
4. No One Lives Forever (04:15)
5. Stay (03:37)
6. Fool’s Paradise (04:35)
7. Help Me (03:46)
8. Same Man I Was Before (03:24)
9. Weird Science (06:09)

Total Length: 42:00

Just Another Day is a brilliant song and a fantastic introduction for this album. It’s a marked change in Boingo’s sound, while still retaining some of their own unique elements, such as the percussion. The lyrics are beautiful, and I just love everything about this song. Dead Man’s Party is one of this band’s essential songs. There is no way not to love it, the main riff is killer, the lyrics are catchy as can possibly be, and it never ever feels like its length shows. Just a perfect song all around.

Heard Somebody Cry is a change of pace, and a bit of an odd track, but also a completely natural evolution of the production type for the So-Lo album. This song is densely layered, and would be tough to accurately replicate live. All the little bits building on top of each other are great, and I really love the haunting lyrics. The chorus particularly is a thing of beauty. No One Lives Forever is an extremely fun song, again I have to praise the lyrics. Another perfect Boingo song that you can’t hate at all and oh my god that solo section.

Stay is more of a pop song, but again because it’s this band it’s still an amazing track. By now you should guess that I will again give major props to the lyrics, and the chorus is fantastic. Fool’s Paradise is a slight dip in quality, but still an overall fun song, and plenty of other bands best songs can’t even compete with this. Help Me is also a bit poppier, and honestly took me a pretty long time to get into. The first impression is that this is a ‘sellout’ track, but the song has so much good stuff going on, and one of my favorite solo sections the band has ever done.

Same Man I Was Before is like track three in that it would be tough to do live. There is a lot of stuff going on at various points, including a rare appearance by some female backup singers. Kind of an underrated song in my opinion, I really can’t help but want to sing along, and the little vocal samples in the middle of the song are very Mark Mothersbaugh. There is also kind of an Eastern flair going on that really helps set the song apart. Weird Science is probably the band’s most famous songs, which kind of annoys me. Danny Elfman even admits that the song wasn’t entirely finished, and unlike the title track of this album, these 6 minutes do feel like it considering the second half pretty much just repeats what we’ve already heard. It’s a fairly good song because I still enjoy some of the melodies, but the length and the atmosphere surrounding it turn me off. There was another song they were going to put here that I would much rather have had, but oh well. In the end, this is still an absolutely, ridiculously good album with only about two down moments.

Final Rating: 9/10


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