Album 0202: Younger Brother – The Last Days Of Gravity


Release Date: 2007
Genre: Psytrance/Downtempo


1. Happy Pills (08:47)
2. All I Want (09:04)
3. Elephant Machine (06:20)
4. Your Friends Are Scary (06:39)
5. I Am A Freak (08:58)
6. Ribbon On A Branch (07:47)
7. Sleepwalker Part One (06:16)
8. Sleepwalker Part Two (06:00)
9. Psychic Gibbon (07:31)

Total Length: 01:07:22

This whole album was kind of a shock to me. I was introduced to this duo/band with their 2011 album, which featured more of a pop tinge with shorter tracks. This album has more in common with one of the creator’s other projects, Shpongle, than it does with Younger Brother’s later album. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as I do love change and evolution in a group’s sound most of the time. Happy Pills is a great start to the album, with a recurring melody utilizing bells to tie the song together. It’s a very relaxing nine minutes.

All I Want has a decent sample in the intro, and once it gets going it actually briefly reminds me of Pink Floyd. Good track overall, the vocals work fairly well. Elephant Machine isn’t quite up to the par of the last two tracks, but still is an enjoyable song. Your Friends Are Scary is a pretty good piece with some nice atmospheric moments. I Am A Freak is fairly good, and pleasant to listen to but doesn’t catch me like a couple of the earlier tracks.

Ribbon On A Branch does have the most in common with the material on Vaccine, and I highly enjoy it for the reason, though the last few minutes feel a bit stretched out. Sleepwalker Part One reminds me of a Thy Catafalque song actually, it’s pretty great. Sleepwalker Part Two doesn’t live up to part one, but it is still a fine track. Psychic Gibbon is a good ending for the album, though once again the last few minutes don’t quite need to be as long as they are. This is a fairly good album, I can’t really say I enjoy it more than Vaccine but it certainly stands up fine on its own.

Final Rating: 8/10


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