Album 0204: Danny Elfman – Back To School Original Soundtrack


Release Date: 1986
Genre: Soundtrack


1. Overture (02:13)
2. Do Not Go Gently… (01:08)
3. The Brawl (00:52)
4. Action Medley (01:29)
5. Classroom Secretary (01:02)
6. Triple Lindy (02:04)
7. Love Suite (02:29)
8. Study Montage (02:01)

Total Length: 13:18

There is obviously more music in the film, but this little half-soundtrack is all that I can find. Overture is fantastic, it’s classic Elfman with instruments he wasn’t using too often at the time. Do Not Go Gently… is a nice little track that builds up. The Brawl sounds like a cartoon, it’s pretty fun. Action Medley is an okay little background piece. Classroom Secretary isn’t too notable.

Triple Lindy actually kind of reminds me of E.T., it’s a nice little track. Love Suite doesn’t really work too well on its own. Study Montage kind of redoes the overture, it’s still neat though. This is just a nice little slice of Danny’s early film career, and how brilliant it could be even then. The overture can get stuck in my head like nobody’s business.

Final Rating: 6.5/10


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