Album 0206: Freak Kitchen – Land Of The Freaks


Release Date: 2009
Genre: Progressive Rock/Metal


1. God Save The Spleen (04:30)
2. Hip Hip Hoorah (04:41)
3. Teargas Jazz (05:42)
4. Sick? Death By Hypochondria (03:59)
5. OK (03:46)
6. Honey, You’re A Nazi (04:22)
7. The Only Way (03:21)
8. Murder Groupie (04:45)
9. The Smell Of Time (03:27)
10. One Last Dance (04:10)
11. Do Not Disturb (03:01)
12. Clean It Up (03:45)

Total Length: 49:29

God Save The Spleen has an amazing riff and rhythm, the lyrics are a bit wacky but still thoughtful, and as always I love the vocals with this band. The guitar solo is also a thing of beauty. Hip Hip Hoorah is pretty fun in all honestly, but I do think the song could have been a minute or so shorter. Teargas Jazz is also great, and also goes on a bit too long. Still glad that they are willing to use odd instrumentation now and again. Sick? Death By Hypochondria has a great chorus and guitar solo.

OK is a bit of a trip to the softer side. I love them bringing back that unfamiliar instrument from track three, and the addition of strings are great as well. The transition into the heavier chorus is great as well. I love the opening scream of Honey, You’re A Nazi and the riff that follows is great. It also features some fantastic lyrics, they are actually kind of funny. The Only Way features the bassist as the lead singer. He doesn’t do a bad job, but they don’t generally do this so it feels out of place. The song itself is just slightly above average.

Murder Groupie has a fairly interesting chorus, but in the end I don’t really care about the song too much. The Smell Of Time is extremely catchy, it gets stuck in my head constantly. The lyrics are pretty good too. One Last Dance has a pretty fantastic chorus, and I love the guitars all over the place. The buildup to the ending is neat too. Do Not Disturb is a nice little track, I enjoy the calm feeling I get from it. Clean It Up is fairly interesting, yet not too memorable. This is an overall enjoyable album, just not on the level of the band’s self-titled work.

Final Rating: 8.5/10


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