Album 0209: Angra – Aqua


Release Date: 2010
Genre: Power Metal


1. Virudent Te Aquae (01:00)
2. Arising Thunder (04:52)
3. Awake From Darkness (05:54)
4. Lease Of Life (04:34)
5. The Rage Of The Waters (05:34)
6. Spirit Of The Air (05:23)
7. Hollow (05:30)
8. A Monster In Her Eyes (05:15)
9. Weakness Of A Man (06:12)
10. Ashes (05:06)

Total Length: 49:20

Virudent Te Aquae is a neat little opening track. This whole album is based on Shakespeare’s The Tempest, which I admit to not having much knowledge on at all. The way they present this theme is through aqua, and the choral musings on the intro display it well. Arising Thunder is a great first main song. As usual, Angra’s first tracks (past the intro) are fast and fun, and this song doesn’t disappoint. The chorus is spot on, though I do have some issues with the production on this album.

Awake From Darkness is a fairly good song, and I enjoy the break into the strings, but the song honestly goes on a bit too long. Lease Of Life is great, the piano is really neat and I love the buildup through the song. It kind of sounds like a couple different bands at certain points, but still a very cool track. The Rage Of The Waters has a good chorus, but the rest of the song is fairly forgettable to me. This album does feel like a bit of step down from their last for me.

Spirit Of The Air has some really nice instrumentation all over the place, it’s a highly enjoyable song. Hollow has some neat moments, but is honestly kind of forgettable. I don’t remember anything about it once it ends. A Monster In Her Eyes is a great ballad. Unlike the previous song, this one sticks with me after its over, it’s very catchy. Weakness Of A Man also contains some sections which I think honestly sound good, but the song goes on too long, and the ending is cheesy and not really worth it.

Ashes is definitely an interesting song. Just like track three, certain points of this song sound like a different band. The song shifts tone a couple times, but is still pretty enjoyable. The first time the electric guitars come in features a fantastic vocal line, but the sudden transition back to piano is odd. The female vocal sounds more like an eastern European power metal band than Angra, and the ending of the song is good. I really don’t like this album as much as the band’s previous one, but it certainly has its good moments. I should also mention the issue I had with the production, the album sounds fine on its own, but when comparing it to other albums, even other Angra albums, this album sounds flat and dull. It’s strange.

Final Rating: 7.5/10

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