Album 0210: Andromeda – Chimera


Release Date: 2006
Genre: Progressive Metal


1. Periscope (06:12)
2. In The End (04:58)
3. The Hidden Riddle (05:51)
4. Going Under (06:27)
5. The Cage Of Me (07:08)
6. No Guidelines (06:23)
7. Inner Circle (07:03)
8. Iskenderun (05:31)
9. Blink Of An Eye (12:30)
10. Chameleon Carnival (live) (05:12)

Total Length: 01:07:15

Periscope is a great opening track. The intro sets the tone but isn’t too long, the chorus is catchy, and I still love the guitars and synths in this band. In The End has a neat buildup and chorus, but I’m a bit tired of it by the end. The Hidden Riddle has great group vocals, but other than that it doesn’t entirely appeal to me. Going Under is a fairly good track, but kind of forgettable. The last minute of the track is kind of an interlude, a nice calm bit.

The Cage Of Me was the only song I knew from this album for a long time. It’s fantastic, the length is perfect, and I just love the alternation of the calm verses and heavy choruses. Easily the highlight of the album so far. No Guidelines is however not on quite the same level, and the opening riff sounds more like death metal than prog metal, it’s odd. Once again, I get bored of this track by the end. Inner Circle really doesn’t do much for me either other than having some neat synths.

Iskenderun is a bit of a return to form. The chorus is great, and I like the atmosphere. Blink Of An Eye is a better song though. It has a great intro, and keeps me pretty enthralled the whole way through. The last two minutes or so is a very good piano solo to end things off. The only weird part is the that song actually ends at about 9:30, so there is 3 minutes of silence for no reason. Chameleon Carnival is from their first album and is a live track, it’s a fairly fun instrumental. This album is not as endearing to me as the other Andromeda album I’ve listened to on this blog, but it has its moments.

Final Rating: 6.5/10


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