Album 0216: Weird Al Yankovic – Bad Hair Day


Release Date: 1996
Genre: Comedy


1. Amish Paradise (03:21)
2. Everything You Know Is Wrong (03:48)
3. Cavity Search (04:20)
4. Callin’ In Sick (03:41)
5. The Alternative Polka (04:51)
6. Since You’ve Been Gone (01:23)
7. Gump (02:11)
8. I’m So Sick Of You (03:26)
9. Syndicated Inc. (03:54)
10. I Remember Larry (03:56)
11. Phony Calls (03:23)
12. The Night Santa Went Crazy (04:03)
13. The Night Santa Went Crazy (Extra Gory Version) (04:02)
14. Dare To Be Stupid (instrumental) (03:27)

Total Length: 49:43

Amish Paradise is one of Al’s best known song and one of his best videos. It’s a play on Gangsta Paradise and extremely catchy with great lyrics. Everything You Know Is Wrong is a style pastiche of They Might Be Giants, and there is a lot of little references in there, musically at least. The chorus and title are like a song on their first album, and the saxophone usage was present on the band’s late 80s/early 90s albums. This is a pretty fun track overall, but kind of tiring.

Cavity Search also goes on a bit too long, and I’m not really a fan of U2 so the music and vocal effects actively hinder the song for me. Callin’ In Sick parodies Nirvana, and I’ve stated on this blog before how I’m definitely not the biggest fan of grunge, but the lyrics on this one kind of makes up for it. The Alternative Polka is great like pretty much all of Al’s polkas. Since You’ve Been Gone is a very fun little a capella track, I just love it. The end is also funny.

Gump is a parody of a song called Lump, which is a fun rock track and the lyrics about Gump are great. I’m So Sick Of You is a style parody of Elvis Costello, and it certainly sounds very 80s but it really isn’t that funny or musically interesting to me. Syndicated Inc. is a parody of Soul Asylum and is straight up mid 90s rock. The thing that saves it for me is Al’s lyrics. I Remember Larry is apparently a style parody of Hilly Michaels, but it’s a very fun song. I love the twist halfway through about killing Larry as well.

Phony Calls is a TLC parody, and while the song kind of bores I still appreciate the track, and the Simpsons sample is fun. The Night Santa Went Crazy is another Soul Asylum parody, oddly, and I love it. It’s got a great vibe, and the lyrics are a ton of fun. The Extra Gory Version kind of has my preferred set of lyrics, the morbidity makes it funnier in contrast. The last track is an instrumental version of Dare To Be Stupid, from one of Al’s earlier albums. It’s sort of fun, but I don’t really get why it exists. This is a pretty solid album for Al, but there are still a few hiccups that I think will be present in every single one of his albums, simply because I won’t like some of the popular music at one time or another.

Final Rating: 7.5/10


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