Album 0223: Rhapsody Of Fire – Legendary Tales


Release Date: 1997
Genre: Symphonic Power Metal


1. Ira Tenax (01:13)
2. Warrior Of Ice (05:58)
3. Rage Of The Winter (06:13)
4. Forest Of Unicorns (03:25)
5. Flames Of Revenge (05:35)
6. Virgin Skies (01:20)
7. Land Of Immortals (04:54)
8. Echoes Of Tragedy (03:33)
9. Lord Of The Thunder (05:34)
10. Legendary Tales (07:50)

Total Length: 45:34

Ira Tenax is a perfect little intro, the band usually nails these. It’s certainly cheesy enough and fits the album well, and I love it. Warrior Of Ice is kind of dated once you’ve heard some of the band’s other albums, as the keyboard sounds are not as polished, let alone anywhere near the real orchestra they have used on later albums. The intro on this song is also a bit long, but the song is catchy and a good overall intro to the band. Rage Of The Winter is an odd song. I enjoy it well enough, but the alternating sections still kind of baffle me.

Forest Of Unicorns kind of does the same thing, it’s a style they use quite a bit in these first few albums. The slower sections in this track are fairly good, but they wouldn’t really compel me to listen to them at all if it weren’t for the very fun, upbeat parts. Flames Of Revenge is a more straightforward but sort of forgettable for me. It at least has a better set of synth patches and the instrumental section is very nice. Virgin Skies is a nice little interlude, though kind of annoying since it pretty much gets repeated in the beginning of the last track.

Land Of Immortals is like track five, it’s a solid song with no real bad moments, just not one of my favorites. Echoes Of Tragedy using the alternating sections again, but I really do love this song. The choral vocals are fantastic, and this song definitely can get to me sometimes. A wonderful, sorrowful song. Lord Of The Thunder is another song I tend to forget about. There’s nothing necessarily bad about this album, but the band really hadn’t hit their stride at this point. Once again, the chorus and instrumental section stand out.

Legendary Tales, as I stated before, begins using pretty much the same music as track six. It does add some vocals to it in what would be the second half of that track. The majority of the song is fairly good, but I always hope I will like it more and I end up not. My favorite part by far is the ending, it’s such a nice synth sound and wouldn’t feel out of place at all on the Final Fantasy IX soundtrack. This album is, to reuse a word (as if I don’t do that enough), solid. It’s enjoyable, maybe a bit slow in points, but never terrible. It also doesn’t reach some of the highs the band can do, and so it lands pretty squarely in the middle of, well, everything I suppose.

Final Rating: 7.5/10


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