Album 0224: Led Zeppelin – Led Zeppelin IV


Release Date: 1971
Genre: Rock


1. Black Dog (04:57)
2. Rock And Roll (03:41)
3. The Battle Of Evermore (05:52)
4. Stairway To Heaven (08:03)
5. Misty Mountain Hop (04:39)
6. Four Sticks (04:45)
7. Going To California (03:32)
8. When The Levee Breaks (07:08)

Total Length: 42:36

Black Dog starts off this classic record extremely well. It’s still an incredibly catchy song, and hard to dislike. Obviously after the many, many times I’ve heard the track I start to have… questions, such as why do the guitars sound like toys? Or, how come the main riff has this one moment in it where it sounds like they weren’t quite sure what to do loop it. I have to say that I kind of prefer the song live for these reasons. Rock And Roll is a classic track that I had heard for a long time, even before getting into the band, but listening to it critically I never really got much out of it.

The Battle Of Evermore is a very interesting song that I really want to like, but always get bored about halfway through. I do wish the band had done more stuff like it though. Stairway To Heaven is apparently a song everyone is sick of, and even I was tired of it for a few years, but now whenever I hear it I just get a very good eight minutes of music. It’s solid the whole way through, I do love it. Misty Mountain Hop kind of has an upbeat feeling and it’s pretty enjoyable. I do have the same issue with it that I have with some Zeppelin tracks on other albums, where the main riff is established and then it’s pretty much just that repeated for four minutes and then I get bored most of the way through. The guitar solo is nice though.

Four Sticks is sort of the same deal, and unfortunately I’ve never really been able to get into it. I like that they used some synths and the combination of acoustic and electric guitar, but otherwise the song doesn’t speak to me. Going To California is an acoustic song reminiscent of the band’s previous album, and I actually like this song more than most of the acoustic ones on there. It’s short and sweet. When The Levee Breaks has an amazing intro, and is kind of a hypnotic song. I tend to lose focus during it, but not in a bad way like other times. I just get into the rhythm and then next thing I know the song is over. As usual with albums that are highly regarded, I’m sure I’m missing something. It could also be my present day sensibilities distracting me, I’m not really sure. I enjoy listening to this album though, I don’t outright dislike any of these songs, and I quite like some of them.

Final Rating: 7.5/10


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