Album 0225: The Flaming Tsunamis – Zombies Vs. Robots!


Release Date: 2005
Genre: Ska/Hardcore


1. Dead Girlfriends Can’t Break Up With You (01:33)
2. Refuse To Die (04:39)
3. Cancer Swing (03:58)
4. Zombies Vs. Robots! (02:47)
5. Opus (04:58)

Total Length: 17:55

Dead Girlfriends Can’t Break Up With You kind of encroaches on brutal death metal type lyrics, but it’s actually kind of catchy. Refuse To Die starts off with a semi-believable newscast about an emergence of zombies. It’s a nice intro, and the song itself twists and turns and is great. My favorite bit is probably the chorus, the guitar backing it and pushing the song forward works fantastic in tandem with the vocals. Cancer Swing actually starts off with a swing (I believe) and adds on more stuff going on. It’s a fun track, and a cool showing of what the band is capable of.

Zombies Vs. Robots! takes a break from being harsh though, and is a fun acoustic sing-along about the terrible war of zombies and robots. It’s a wonderful track and pretty much the highlight of the EP. Opus is a somewhat large song with three notable sections, starting off with a heavy section. The middle part calms everything down and is a reggae section filled with solos, and then we transition into a more hardcore ending. I enjoy this song and this whole EP, but I’ve never really latched on to the band. I don’t entirely like the hardcore vocals they use a bunch, and they also seem to try to be inflammatory sometimes and if you’re doing that in a non-joking manner it kind of puts me off.

Final Rating: 7.5/10


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