Album 0226: Axenstar – The Final Requiem

Axenstar - The Final Requiem

Release Date: 2006
Genre: Power Metal


1. The Final Requiem (03:53)
2. Condemnation (04:02)
3. The Divine (04:18)
4. Edge Of The World (05:19)
5. Thirteen (04:41)
6. The Hide (04:59)
7. Underworld (05:46)
8. Spirit (04:07)
9. Pagan Ritual (03:55)
10. Seeds Of Evil (04:37)
11. End Of The Line (04:00)
12. Beyond The Lies (04:48)
13. The Storm (05:02)

Total Length: 59:28

The Final Requiem starts the album off with a bang, and is probably one of the best songs on here. The verse is catchy and leads smoothly and directly into the chorus, which sticks in your head as well. Condemnation has a neat guitar riff, and it’s about the only thing that stands out to me. The Divine is an entirely unremarkable song. I just listened to it 3 times on repeat, trying to find something to say about it, but I really can’t. I don’t really understand how songs like this get to this point, because clearly something about it was interesting to them while they were writing and recording it.

Edge Of The World is unfortunately much the same. It goes on way too long for my taste. Thirteen at least has a good intro, but that’s about the only notable part as my brain honestly tunes out most of the rest of the song. The Hide is a good change of pace though, with some nice bass presence and a good instrumental section to its name. Underworld stops that good feeling in its track though, there is nothing remarkable about this song in any way. Spirit has… well I guess I like the solo section. Ugh.

Pagan Ritual is more of the same. That is to say, boring. Seeds Of Evil shares a similar quality of having nothing interesting about it. End Of The Line has one thing notable about it, and that is that the ending leads into the next tracks. Beyond The Lies has a strong intro and main riff, which is refreshing to hear. The Storm at least ends the album with a strong track. It’s still not what I would call great, but it’s a huge step up compared to most of the album. I may seem like I’m being too harsh on the album, but it’s just so boring. It puts me to sleep, and not in the good way.

Final Rating: 5/10


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