Album 0231: Skyclad – Folkémon


Release Date: 2000
Genre: Folk Metal


1. The Great Brain Robbery (04:34)
2. Think Back And Lie Of England (04:59)
3. Polkageist! (04:01)
4. Crux Of The Message (04:53)
5. The Disenchanted Forest (07:11)
6. The Antibody Politic (03:19)
7. When God Logs Off (03:09)
8. You Lost My Memory (05:57)
9. Déjà-Vu Ain’t What It Used To Be (05:46)
10. Any Old Irony? (03:53)
11. Swords Of A Thousand Men (02:48)

Total Length: 50:29

The Great Brain Robbery is a very solid opening track. The riff is catchy, and the chorus gets stuck in my head very easily. It’s a fairly good blend of folk and metal. Think Back And Lie Of England has some nice music, but the lyrics don’t really feel great. I’m making no comment on their quality, just that they string together oddly. Polkageist! is kind of the same deal. The title being repeated over and over is way cheesy, but the music is fun. I also kind of like the female vocals.

Crux Of The Message has some neat moments (musically) but honestly goes on a bit too long. The Disenchanted Forest is a longer song, and has a couple sections in it. It is fairly good, but the song doesn’t really stick with me. The Antibody Politic kind of sounds more like a punk song, and it kinds of goes by without much fanfare. When God Logs Off has a cool instrumental section at least. I like the violin-guitar tradeoff. You Lost My Memory is honestly a good two minutes too long, but the chorus is decent.

Déjà-Vu Ain’t What It Used To Be has the same issue (being too long) and the chorus isn’t quite as interesting as I think they thought it would be. Any Old Irony? has a neat intro and some nice use of synths, but it’s the only thing really ntoable. Swords Of A Thousand Men is a Tenpole Tudor cover, which is why it simply sounds like the band doing a punk song. The chorus is kind of neat, but otherwise I don’t entirely care for the song. Really I think this album is kind of disappointing, even with not being entirely familiar with the band. They seem to be more focused on the message sometimes rather than a good song.

Final Rating: 6.5/10


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