Album 0232: Zebrahead – MFZB


Release Date: 2003
Genre: Pop Punk


1. Rescue Me (03:20)
2. Over The Edge (02:46)
3. Strength (03:26)
4. Hello Tomorrow (04:05)
5. The Set-Up (03:16)
6. Blur (03:39)
7. House Is Not My Home (03:22)
8. Into You (03:12)
9. Alone (02:16)
10. Expectations (03:44)
11. Falling Apart (03:10)
12. Let It Ride (03:10)
13. Type A (02:12)
14. Runaway (03:23)
15. Dear You (Far Away) (04:39)
16. The Fear (02:46)
17. Surrender (03:08)
18. Good Thing (03:03)
19. Dissatisfied (03:06)

Total Length: 01:01:41

Rescue Me is a song that by all rights I shouldn’t like. Zebrahead is a band I shouldn’t like. It’s slightly imaginative pop punk with a few vocalists, one of which is a rapper, and yet I do like them. This opening track gets going quickly and the verse and chorus both get stuck in my head. Over The Edge sounds like a song from any given American Pie soundtrack (in fact I wouldn’t be surprised if it was on one) and that actually kind of gives me a nostalgic feeling and I like this track.

Strength is another solid song, the opening really stands out. Hello Tomorrow is kind of the big single song, sort of. It’s extremely catchy, and it was definitely the first song from this album that caught my ear. Probably the song I would play to see if you would like this band at all. The Set-Up has a main riff that I enjoy, but the rest of the song is kind of a let down. Blur is the first real step down in quality, there is really nothing about it that I can remember once the song is over.

House Is Not My Home is a little bit of emotion in this fast and heavy album. The chorus is the big focus of this track. Into You has a fun chorus as well. Alone has a neat intro and has probably the most angry part of the album thus far in its chorus, it’s a nice, if slight, change that sticks with you. Expectations isn’t too great of a song though. I guess I’ll give them credit since it is a tiny bit different from the other tracks. Falling Apart has some nice guitar moments but otherwise it’s a very basic track.

I dislike the intro to Let It Ride but the chorus makes up for it. Type A is another angry track, but it’s not as good as others like it. Runaway brings back a bit of the emotional feeling, I enjoy this track. Dear You (Far Away) uses an acoustic guitar throughout but it doesn’t make me like the song too much. There is also some silence taking up the last minute of the track. The Fear is not a very good song either. It’s completely unmemorable in every way.

Surrender is a Cheap Trick cover, and it is a great song. I always like hearing the song and the band does a fine job here. Good Thing has a nice chorus, I would’ve easily taken this bonus track over one or two of the songs that made the album proper. Dissatisfied is kind of boring though. This is a fun album to listen to passively, personally. I can’t think too hard or critically about it, but it is definitely enjoyable and never seeks to insult me. Again, I shouldn’t like this stuff yet I do.

Final Rating: 7.5/10

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