Album 0233: The Toasters – Don’t Let The Bastards Grind You Down


Release Date: 1997
Genre: Ska


1. Don’t Let The Bastards Grind You Down (02:51)
2. Fire In My Souls (03:54)
3. I’m Running Right Through The World (03:50)
4. Underground Town (03:29)
5. Gimme Some Lovin’ (02:34)
6. Devil And A ’45 (03:37)
7. Daddy Cry (03:17)
8. Today’s A Good Day (03:16)
9. Jackie Chan (03:59)
10. Rude Rude Baby (02:29)
11. Everything You Said Has Been A Lie (02:33)
12. Spooky Graveyard (04:02)
13. Big Red (04:07)
14. Bye Bye Baby (04:40)
15. Weekend In LA (04:16)
16. Woyay (03:11)
17. Rhythm And Pain (01:54)

Total Length: 58:00

Don’t Let The Bastards Grind You Down starts the album off with a bang, it’s a fantastic song with catchy lyrics and a very memorable chorus. Fire In My Soul is a bit more reggae influenced and very enjoyable, but the song goes on a bit long for me, and I get bored by the end. It’s a common complaint I have with this band. I’m Running Right Through The World is half of a great song, sort of. I really like the verses, and I would like the chorus if it didn’t sound exactly like their most famous song, so it’s odd.

Underground Town is definitely where the album starts to falter entirely for me. It’s a nice hook but that’s about it. Gimme Some Lovin’ doesn’t even have that going for it. It sounds like an older song without any charm. Devil And A ’45 just does nothing for me. I’ve tried getting into this for years and I hate that I can’t. Daddy Cry thankfully is a bright shining spot in this dull album, even though the song itself is depressive. This song actually makes me feel something, which at least puts it ahead of most of this album.

Today’s A Good Day has a nice, positive vibe but I still get bored by the song. Jackie Chan is a fairly good instrumental, but not up to the level a song title like that deserves. Rude Rude Baby does what track four couldn’t. It sounds like an old-fashioned song but I like it this time. Everything You Said Has Been A Lie however is a track that could have been done way better by many other bands, or even Weird Al. Spooky Graveyard is a good idea but the execution does nothing for me at all.

Big Red is some good ideas blandly laid out over four minutes. Bye Bye Baby goes on way too long, and all it really has going for it is the title hook. Weekend In LA is actually a re-recording of a track from an earlier album, it’s fairly fun. Woyay kind of annoys me yet it has more personality than a huge chunk of the album. Rhythm And Pain kind of does the opposite of what I’ve been complaining about all album. The song kind of ends right as it gets into a groove, but I don’t think I’d be so bothered if it wasn’t a damn forty second fade out. I’ve really wanted to like this album for years and just can’t. I want to like The Toasters overall but I think straight, simple ska is not completely for me.

Final Rating: 6/10


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