Album 0234: The Lord Weird Slough Feg – Atavism


Release Date: 2005
Genre: Heavy Metal


1. Robustus (00:43)
2. I Will Kill You/You Will Die (03:51)
3. Portcullis (01:50)
4. Hiberno-Latin Invasion (04:05)
5. Climax Of A Generation (02:55)
6. Atavism (03:30)
7. Eumaeus The Swineherd (02:39)
8. Curse Of Athena (02:44)
9. Agnostic Grunt (01:42)
10. High Season V (01:01)
11. Starport Blues (02:18)
12. Man Out Of Time (03:06)
13. Agony Slalom (03:36)
14. Atavism II (04:13)

Total Length: 38:12

Robustus is a great little intro, gets you right into crux of what this band does well. I Will Kill You/You Will Die is transitioned into very cleanly, and this song is great as well. One of those rare guitar solos that sticks with me, and I love the verse and chorus. Portcullis is a fun instrumental. It’s hard for me to think of it as its own track though, which is true for a lot of the album. The songs flow together and the whole thing feels like one big piece.

Hiberno-Latin Invasion is simply great, it took me a while to understand Slough Feg but I really do like what they are doing here, especially with the guitars and vocal lines. Climax Of A Generation is actually kind of what the title implies. It’s a cool instrumental that builds up and up, gaining tension, and the end is good. Atavism is a calm, acoustic track. It’s a good change of pace and a fine song in its own right. Eumaeus The Swineherd has a cool rhythm to it.

Curse Of Athena is great, I really like the atmosphere, though I wish they did a bit more with the ending. Agnostic Grunt is a cool collection of riffs. High Season V is a nice, short track. I’m not too familiar with the other High Season sections, so maybe there is an overall picture I’m missing. Starport Blues is kind of a rockin’ song, if you catch my drift. I enjoy it fairly well. Man Out Of Time is a fantastic song though, I love the verses, though I have to admit that the main riff can get a bit tiring.

Agony Slalom is the best track on the album, and a fitting climax for the whole album of sorts. More of the brilliant vocal lines as before, and then some great riffs and a very cool instrumental section to boot. Atavism II is a bigger song, comparatively, adding a couple of strands from throughout the album together. It’s enjoyable, but the previous song left more of an impact. I do like this album more each time I hear it which is impressive in its own right. I still have some issues with the band’s style but I don’t really feel like mentioning them at the moment.

Final Rating: 8.5/10


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