Album 0235: Lost Horizon – Awakening The World


Release Date: 2001
Genre: Power Metal


1. The Quickening (01:06)
2. Heart Of Storm (06:16)
3. Sworn In The Metal Wind (05:44)
4. The Song Of Air (00:59)
5. World Through My Fateless Eyes (05:09)
6. Perfect Warrior (03:56)
7. Denial Of Fate (03:39)
8. Welcome Back (05:41)
9. The Kingdom Of My Will (09:14)
10. The Redintegration (01:42)

Total Length: 43:25

The Quickening is sort of a useless intro in my opinion, but at least it is its own track so that you can skip straight to the music if you wish. Heart Of Storm is a fairly good power metal track. The chorus unfortunately doesn’t stand out, but the music is good other than the terribly drawn out ending. Sworn In The Metal Wind has some cool vocal lines and riffs scattered throughout it. The Song Of Air is a nice little interlude, though it feels a bit early in the album for one.

World Through My Fateless Eyes is a fairly fine track, the chorus works well. Perfect Warrior is a little bit slower but otherwise really forgettable. I seriously can’t remember anything about it once it’s over. Denial Of Fate is unfortunately the same, the song really doesn’t do anything I haven’t heard before. Welcome Back has a pretty good intro, but the rest of the song annoys me simply because they repeat the title a lot. I’m sure they thought it was a cool production thing but it just annoys the crap out of me.

The Kingdom Of My Will is a big song, and I at least like the chorus in it. The Redintegration is an outro that mostly consists of a bass tone. It works, sure, but it’s kind of an overblown outro for an album that was frankly not that great. I don’t hate any of the songs on here, they are just boring and that’s about it. I struggle to understand it, because I’ve seen people that generally hate power metal praise this band, it’s odd.

Final Rating: 6.5/10


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