Album 0237: Behemoth – Zos Kia Cultus (Here And Beyond)

Behemoth Zos Kia Cultus Here and Beyond cover_front

Release Date: 2002
Genre: Death Metal


1. Horns Ov Baphomet (06:37)
2. Modern Iconoclasts (04:28)
3. Here And Beyond (Titanic Turn Ov Time) (03:26)
4. As Above So Below (05:02)
5. Blackest Ov The Black (03:44)
6. Hekau 718 (00:54)
7. The Harlot Ov The Saints (02:48)
8. No Sympathy For Fools (03:49)
9. Zos Kia Cultus (05:33)
10. Fornicatus Benefictus (00:53)
11. Typhonian Soul Zodiack (04:30)
12. Heru Re Ra: Let There Be Might (03:03)

Total Length: 44:46

Horns Ov Baphomet has an absurdly good intro, utilizing static and what sounds like radio or TV broadcasts before the badass music intro. This is just a very cool song, and the outro is great as well. Modern Iconoclasts has some neat riffs and moments in it. Here And Beyond (Titanic Turn Ov Time) is fairly good, a tad bit forgettable though. As Above So Below is a ton of fun, it’s got a great sense of pace and keeps driving forward. The first song so far to match the opening track.

Blackest Ov The Black is a very good track as well. It is sometimes hard to separate certain tracks by this band in my mind, they blend together a bit and I haven’t put as much critical thought into them as I have some other bands. Hekau 718 is an odd interlude, with some cool albeit strange musical backing. Harlot Ov The Saints has a very memorable intro and some very cool riffs. Pretty much a classic Behemoth track. No Sympathy For Fools is a bit more straightforward than the other stuff on the album, it’s good.

Zos Kia Cultus has a fun intro, I like how even within the confines of what is termed ‘blackened’ death metal that this band plays, they can still have fun. Fornicatus Benefictus is another interlude, it’s not as interesting as the other one. Typhonian Soul Zodiack isn’t terribly interesting to me, it’s a passable track. Heru Re Ra: Let There Be Might is a fairly good ending track. Behemoth make some fairly good music generally, but I can’t really get into their style entirely for the reason I mentioned before. Everything mixes together in my mind and it’s hard to separate, and it also feels like sometimes they will pull something weird just to be weird, but don’t do it often enough where they could be considered avant garde or anything.

Final Rating: 7.5/10


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