Album 0239: Talking Heads – Little Creatures


Release Date: 1985
Genre: Alternative/New Wave


1. And She Was (03:40)
2. Give Me Back My Name (03:22)
3. Creatures Of Love (04:16)
4. The Lady Don’t Mind (03:59)
5. Perfect World (04:27)
6. Stay Up Late (03:44)
7. Walk It Down (04:45)
8. Television Man (06:11)
9. Road To Nowhere (04:19)
10. Road To Nowhere (early version) (04:39)
11. And She Was (early version) (03:39)
12. Television Man (extended mix) (07:53)

Total Length: 54:53

And She Was has a fantastic opening, and the verse and the pre chorus are both amazing. The actual chorus is a little less so, but still not bad. I really like the rhythm on here. Give Me Back My Name actually annoys me, it feels like it’s trying to be odd and unnerving. Creatures Of Love has a weird country western tinge to it but I still enjoy the song, especially the chorus. The Lady Don’t Mind is another track where the chorus is the best part of the song, but I do enjoy the whole thing.

Perfect World has an amazing rhythm and riff as well, and I love how it builds up, especially once the horns come in. Fantastic song. Stay Up Late is fairly neat, but it’s kind of odd because there are parts where I’m not sure what they were thinking for part of it. Walk It Down has a nearly-obnoxious verse, it doesn’t sound natural at all. The chorus is neat though. Television Man is a very cool song. It has a fairly large instrumental section in it, and I love the buildup to the last couple minutes of the song. My only issue with it is that I don’t really feel like the singer can pull off random vocalizations very well. Maybe they are on purpose, but all I hear is stilted vocals.

Road To Nowhere is an amazing end to the album. It’s a song that keeps gaining traction and growing, and the use of choral vocals and some horns here and there make me love the song. The early version of Road To Nowhere is a lot more sequenced, and a bit slower paced, and shows how much the full production helped the song. And She Was has an early version as well, again some of the things I really liked about the final song hadn’t been put in yet. Television Man is an extended mix that sort of got cut down into the final version on the album. It starts off with those same vocalizations I was complaining about, and the song seems more like a dance mix. I prefer the album version. I really enjoyed this album when I first heard it, but nowadays only a few of the tracks get me excited and the rest I have issues with.

Final Rating: 8/10


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