Album 0241: They Might Be Giants – The Else


Release Date: 2007
Genre: Rock


1. I’m Impressed (02:40)
2. Take Out The Trash (03:15)
3. Upside Down Frown (02:17)
4. Climbing The Walls (03:15)
5. Careful What You Pack (02:40)
6. The Cap’m (03:12)
7. With The Dark (03:17)
8. The Shadow Government (02:38)
9. Bee Of The Bird Of The Moth (03:32)
10. Withered Hope (02:55)
11. Contrecoup (03:11)
12. Feign Amnesia (02:30)
13. The Mesopotamians (02:57)

Total Length: 38:18

I’m Impressed is a strong start to the album, but the vocals are a bit subdued and with a bit more emotion it would make the song a whole lot better. Take Out The Trash is kind of way too Smash Mouth for me to really enjoy it. It just sounds like it’s been done so many times before. Upside Down Frown is a bit more like their older stuff, but again everything seems really held back, on every sense. Climbing The Walls is a song like those being done right. It’s a subtle difference, but the music being more lively really helps make this track great.

Careful What You Pack is meant to be laid back though, and it’s a fantastic song. The Cap’m is pretty fun. I enjoy the verse and chorus, and there are some neat production touches in the background. With The Dark has a neat intro, but I don’t like the ramp up in energy and it ends up being an odd song. The Shadow Government has a neat chorus but is kind of a forgettable song. Bee Of The Bird Of The Moth utilizes the band’s classic “lyrics that make no damn sense” style, and it’s a fun track. I wish it were a bit quicker paced though.

Withered Hope has some neat moments but the song really doesn’t sound great to me overall. Contrecoup isn’t too good, and the speedup at the end as the song is fading out is unnecessary and distracting. Feign Amnesia has some cool vocal lines but most of the song falls flt. The Mesopotamians is catchy yet I don’t entirely like it. That’s kind of the the deal with this album, like the last TMBG album I did. I want to like it, but there are just decisions made on here that I can’t understand.

Final Rating: 6.5/10


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