Album 0245: Hellveto – Kry


Release Date: 2009
Genre: Folk/Black Metal


1. Kry (05:34)
2. Głód (07:53)
3. Powiedz Mi… (04:26)
4. Kraina Mgieł (04:04)
5. Rzucone Na Wiatr (05:25)
6. Smak Zniewolenia (04:21)

Total Length: 31:43

Kry starts off kind of suddenly, but has a cool atmosphere. The keyboard stuff especially helps accentuate a feeling of dread. It’s a good folk-tinged song. Głód is faster paced track. The first few minutes aren’t amazing, but I do get caught up in the second half of the song. It’s like entering a dreamlike state and I get sad once the song ends. Powiedz Mi… is a very cool song. However, it does feature the really low vocals (in frequency, not volume) and I really can’t stand those.

Kraina Mgieł has a very cool intro but sadly has those low vocals again. It ends up being a cool song though. Rzucone Na Wiatr has some neat things in it as well, like an acoustic(ish?) section. I enjoy the production on this album. I’m sure you could find faults with it, but everything meshes well and nothing ever sounds out of place. I also really like the bells used throughout this track. Smak Zniewolenia is good as well. This is a nice little album. It doesn’t entirely grab me and make me want to press play as soon as it’s over, but it’s good enough.

Final Rating: 7.5/10

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