Album 0248: Stratovarius – Elements Pt. 2


Release Date: 2003
Genre: Power Metal


1. Alpha & Omega (06:38)
2. I Walk To My Own Song (05:04)
3. I’m Still Alive (04:50)
4. Season Of Faith’s Perfection (06:09)
5. Awaken The Giant (06:37)
6. Know The Difference (05:39)
7. Luminous (04:49)
8. Dreamweaver (05:53)
9. Liberty (05:02)
10. Ride Like The Wind (04:49)
11. Alpha & Omega (demo) (06:36)
12. Vapaus (demo) (06:05)

Total Length: 01:08:11

Alpha & Omega is a strong song, the chorus is definitely the highlight. This album and the previous one were created at the same time, and they definitely feel like parts of a whole. I Walk To My Own Song is fairly good. It’s standard power metal, but again Strato falls into the trap of keeping the song going for too long. I’m Still Alive is better though. Pretty catchy and doesn’t overstay its welcome. Season Of Faith’s Perfection is a strange song, starting acoustically before getting heavy, and ending with some of the band’s most interesting keyboard stuff at the end. Pretty nice in all honesty.

Awaken The Giant is fairly good as well, but again I lose interest halfway through. The chorus is kind of nice though. Know The Difference is like the first couple tracks. Fast and fun, and that’s about it. Luminous is a really nice ballad track, I just love the synths on it. The mood they give off is a great. Dreamweaver is in a sense more of the same. The chorus is nice but the rest of the song doesn’t keep my interest up.

Liberty has a really bad start but ends up being an okay song. The demo of Alpha & Omega features some studio chatter for whatever reason, and the song itself is fine. Vapaus is the demo version of Liberty. It has the vocals in Finnish (I assume) instead of English and has some interesting things that aren’t as prominent in the final song, but still not completely sold on it. Pt. 2 just doesn’t grasp me as well as Pt. 1. I almost wonder if they had taken about 3-4 songs from this and gotten rid of maybe one or two tracks on Pt. 1 and could have had one amazing 80-minute album.

Edit (10/01/2013): I added the bonus track for Japan, a song called Ride Like The Wind which is a really fun, if basic, fast song. The chorus is catchy and you can’t help but bounce along to it.

Final Rating: 8/10


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