Album 0250: The Dear Hunter – Act III: Life And Death


Release Date: 2009
Genre: Progressive Rock


1. Writing On A Wall (01:39)
2. In cauda Venenum (05:29)
3. What It Means To Be Alone (04:50)
4. The Tank (04:39)
5. The Poison Woman (04:51)
6. The Thief (05:01)
7. Mustard Gas (04:13)
8. Saved (04:42)
9. He Said He Had A Story (03:39)
10. This Beautiful Life (04:05)
11. Go Get Your Gun (03:16)
12. Son (02:16)
13. Father (03:25)
14. Life And Death (05:46)
15. Writing On A Wall (A Capella) (01:40)
16. Untitled 1 (03:40)
17. Movement I (01:54)
18. Movement II (04:47)

Total Length: 01:09:54

Writing On A Wall is a very vocal heavy opening track, and it caught my ear the first time I heard it and I still love it. In Cauda Venenum is a ton of fun, reminding me right off the bat of Helloween’s reworking of Dr. Stein. This song completely alleviates all fears that the band may have lost anything between albums. What It Means To Be Alone is a pretty good song as well, doesn’t really come into its own for me until the end and then I wish it wasn’t over.

The Tank has a great opening, those strings are mesmerizing. The rest of the song kind of falls off a bit though. It’s not bad but not very interesting. The Poison Woman has a great chorus going for it at least. The Thief unfortunately continues the trend of slightly disappointing songs. The only thing I tend to remember is the transition at the end. Mustard Gas has a great intro, and the song stays pretty catchy throughout. I like the ending as well.

Saved is a beautiful song. It has such a nice presence and I always enjoy it. He Said He Had A Story is simply fantastic. The lyrics are great, the music is catchy, and everything works well together. This Beautiful Life doesn’t do too much for me until halfway through. The vocal line and break into the bridge is kind of amazing, and pretty much what I’ve always loved about this band’s music. Go Get Your Gun is a bunch of fun, I really like the song and its instrumentation.

Son and Father work hand in hand with each other. The first one draws back to the beginning of the album, and is great as well. The second part has thematic changes in the lyrics but the songs flow perfectly and is very calm and relaxing. Life And Death continues on from these two as well, and it’s a great end to the album. The lyrics about dancing stick with me incredibly well. Writing On A Wall (A Capella) is pretty much what it says, it’s lovely.

Untitled 1 seems like a demo of some sort. It’s pretty nice as a bonus track I guess. Movement I is a neat little instrumental version of some of the main melodies from the album. Movement II is some of the same as well. This album has a couple rough spots, especially in the first half, but in the end it’s still really enjoyable. There was no point where I felt entirely bored or straight out disliked what I was hearing, it was just slight disappointment compared to what I know the band is capable of.

Final Rating: 8/10


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