Album 0251: Sonata Arctica – Ecliptica


Release Date: 1999
Genre: Power Metal


1. Blank File (04:06)
2. My Land (04:37)
3. 8th Commandment (03:42)
4. Replica (04:55)
5. Kingdom For A Heart (03:52)
6. Fullmoon (05:08)
7. Letter To Dana (06:01)
8. UnOpened (03:43)
9. Picturing The Past (03:37)
10. Destruction Preventer (07:45)
11. Mary-Lou (04:33)
12. Letter To Dana (Returned To Sender) (04:39)

Total Length: 56:37

Blank File is a fantastic track to kick off the album. It’s fast, melodic, and catchy. Surprisingly the lyrics even still kind of hold up today. My Land takes a bit of a slower pace but is still fun. I really like some of the melodies in it and the chorus is fairly good. 8th Commandment is almost a little too hectic but the vocal melodies are pretty cool. Replica is a very good song that I don’t pay enough attention to. At times I feel it might be a touch too long, but it’s really not a big complaint.

Kingdom For A Heart has always been one of my favorites from the band. It gets stuck in my head easily, and I like how Tony Kakko will make fun of his own phrasing on this song during live performances. Fullmoon is fun to listen to, but I never really think of it as being one of the band’s better songs. That probably made no sense, but basically it just doesn’t do a whole ton for me. Letter To Dana is a nice ballad. The lyrics can get kind of strange, but I like this song pretty well.

UnOpened is a fun basic power metal track. I love the harpsichord patch used throughout and the chorus is great. Picturing The Past has some really neat rhythms in it, it kind of bounces around. Destruction Preventer is the band’s first attempt at a larger song, and I’ve never really been able to get into it. I like the first half, but the second slows down and isn’t interesting to keep my interest. After a tiny bit of silence at the end of the track there is a nice callback to Letter To Dana.

Mary-Lou is a neat song. Again the lyrics may be odd but they are charming and the chorus stands out here. Letter To Dana (Returned To Sender) is a re-recording of the song from 2008. It mostly sticks to the slower pace of the opening instead of revving up, and I like the keyboards in this but I think I prefer the original version more. This is kind of a classic power metal album. There are a couple small hiccups in my view, but the energy on this album kind of overcomes that.

Final Rating: 8/10


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