Album 0254: Windir – Sóknardalar


Release Date: 1997
Genre: Black Metal


1. Sognariket Sine Krigarar (Warriors Of Sognariket) (05:37)
2. Det Som Var Haukareid (That Which was Haukareid) (05:41)
3. Mørket Sin Fyrste (Lord Of Darkness) (07:27)
4. Sognariket Si Herskarinne (Empress Of Sognariket) (04:17)
5. I Ei Krystallnatt (In A Crystal Night) (05:17)
6. Røvhaugane (The Røvhaugs) (05:36)
7. Likbør (08:12)
8. Sóknardalr (05:48)

Total Length: 47:54

Sognariket Sine Krigarar is a fairly good track. It really doesn’t strike me like I know this band can. The only part that I really liked was the riff about halfway through, the one accompanied by the whooping and hollering. Det Som Var Haukareid has some neat keyboards and clean vocals, but that’s about it. Mørket Sin Fyrste is good, my favorite thing is the odd mixture of vocals. It sounds like there is a female vocal in there but I can’t really tell, it just sounds good all together.

Sognariket Si Herskarinne has some cool usage of acoustic guitars. My memory may not be the best, but those don’t crop up too often with Windir from what I recall. I Ei Krystallnatt has some cool guitar stuff, the type of Windir I really like. Røvhaugane is similar as well. I do think the ending is odd, just mastered kind of poorly. Likbør is a bigger song. It’s very good, but again I have production qualms. While it is neat when the organ comes in near the end, it is very loud and disrupts the entire thing.

Sóknardalr is a nice instrumental to cap off this album. I really want to love this album, so I’m not sure what puts me off of it. The atmosphere is good at least. Maybe it is just that since I got into this band with their later albums, it’s harder to get into this rougher-sounding, slightly more stripped down sound. I hate that I can’t really enjoy this.

Final Rating: 6.5/10


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