Album 0255: Dream Evil – In The Night


Release Date: 2010
Genre: Power Metal


1. Immortal (04:38)
2. In The Night (03:15)
3. Bang Your Head (03:52)
4. See The Light (03:40)
5. Electric (03:50)
6. Frostbite (03:31)
7. On The Wind (03:45)
8. The Ballad (04:52)
9. In The Fires Of The Sun (04:41)
10. Mean Machine (04:05)
11. Kill, Burn, Be Evil (02:51)
12. The Unchosen One (03:37)
13. Good Nightmare (04:00)
14. The Return (03:32)

Total Length: 54:09

Immortal has a decent riff to kick things off, and the final fade out is kind of interesting. In The Night is fairly good. It really doesn’t strike me, but it’s not a bad song by any measure. Bang Your Head is much the same, it’s simply not remarkable at all. See The Light has some cool rhythms, so I wonder if there is something in the production or arrangement putting me off. Electric has a couple interesting vocal moments, but still doesn’t really measure up for me.

Frostbite is again more of the same. I really can’t be assed to say much specifically about this. On The Wind has some good rhythms in it as well, but still mostly uninteresting. The Ballad is entirely boring though. In The Fires Of The Sun has some neat guitar work, I suppose. Mean Machine has a decent chorus I guess. I don’t like that I can’t say much more about this. Just kind of at a bad point right now, and this boring crap isn’t helping.

Kill, Burn, Be Evil is pretty basic. The Unchosen One is far and away the best song on here, both because it does more than the other tracks, and also because it seems like a semi-sequel to a pretty good track from the band’s first album. Good Nightmare is once more very samey. The Return caps it off in an unspectacular manner. This is just plain boring, though not as offensive as that Axenstar album for example.

Final Rating: 5/10


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