Album 0257: Bibio – Mind Bokeh

Bibio - Mind Bokeh

Release Date: 2011
Genre: Electronic


1. Excuses (05:59)
2. Pretentious (06:02)
3. Anything New (04:07)
4. Wake Up! (03:25)
5. Light Sleep (03:53)
6. Take Off Your Shirt (04:04)
7. Artists’ Valley (06:00
8. K Is For Kelson (03:29)
9. Mind Bokeh (02:33)
10. More Excuses (04:28)
11. Feminine Eye (01:51)
12. Saint Christopher (06:34)

Total Length: 52:25

Excuses has a neat intro with some musique concrete mixed in there. It has vocals as well, which was a big shock after the other Bibio album I’d heard. It’s pretty emotional though and the song works well. Pretentious is great and relaxing until the last minute or so. That minute isn’t bad, but it’s a complete change of pace and doesn’t really fit. Anything New gives me a FPM feeling, it’s just a plain fun track. wake Up! has a similar vibe, and I like the vocals in it.

Light Sleep is funky and fun. If I compared it to the other album I had heard, I wouldn’t think this was the same artist at all. Take Off Your Shirt kind of takes a step back from electronica and honestly sounds like a pop rock band. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, as it’s done well. Artists’ Valley starts off like a track on Hand Cranked, but then takes it in a different direction. It’s a good track. K Is For Kelson is the definition of fun, it’s upbeat and I really enjoy it.

Mind Bokeh is the complete opposite. It has a somber tone. It works well enough but I can’t say I’m totally fond of it. More Excuses relates back to the first track I suppose, it’s pretty good. Feminine Eye is a nice little track. It doesn’t entirely stand out but that’s okay. Saint Christopher isn’t quite as good as the other tracks, but it works well enough. I really disliked this album when I first heard it, and now I can’t fathom why. It was different I guess, and I needed time to adjust.

Final Rating: 8/10

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