Album 0259: Dream Theater – The Majesty Demos 1985-1986


Release Date: 2003
Genre: Progressive Metal


1. Particle E. Motion (01:38)
2. Another Won (05:27)
3. The Saurus (01:24)
4. Cry For Freedom (06:32)
5. The School Song (06:13)
6. YYZ (04:03)
7. The Farandole (03:16)
8. Two Far (05:40)
9. Anti-Procrastination Song (00:13)
10. Your Majesty (03:57)
11. Solar System Race Song (00:18)
12. I’m About To Faint Song (00:10)
13. Mosquitos In Harmony Song (00:12)
14. John Thinks He’s Randy Song (00:10)
15. Mike Thinks He’s Dee Dee Ramone Introducing A Song Song (00:16)
16. John Thinks He’s Yngwie Song (00:16)
17. Gnos Sdrawkcab (00:23)
18. Another Won (05:28)
19. Your Majesty (03:46)
20. A Vision (11:24)
21. Two Far (05:26)
22. Vital Star (05:44)
23. March Of The Tyrant (05:35)

Total Length: 01:17:29

The first bulk of this compilation is instrumental. Tracks 1-17 were recorded in 1985 when the band did not have a vocalist or keyboardist. Particle E. Motion has a couple okay ideas but honestly just sounds like a childish intro. Another Won has some neat riffs and moments in it. It’s definitely the song on here I am most familiar with. The Saurus is a pretty good little interlude, I’m surprised at how good it is. Cry For Freedom has some cool moments as well, but these Majesty songs tend to blend together a bit for me.

The School Song has some very good riffs in it, a sign of things to come. YYZ is a cover of the Rush classic, it’s done well here. The Farandole is a very fun track, it’s a Talas cover so I should probably look into them. Two Far is good as well, but again it blends together for me. Anti-Procrastination Song is an S.O.D. cover but whatever. Your Majesty is a song that kind of sounds like some of their others, though I can’t quite place why. All the little X Songs are kind of useless. They were little experiments in double tracking, and that’s about it.

Now the last six tracks are the actual Majesty demos, recorded with vocals and keyboards. Another Won kind of works better with vocals. Your Majesty really doesn’t work with the vocals, but that is partially because they didn’t know how to mix vocals well. A Vision takes a while to build up but is good. Two Far is really cool with the keyboards added. Vital Star is a decent track. March Of The Tyrant is fun and feels like a rough version of songs they would write later on. This is a neat piece of history but I really don’t find myself drawn to it usually.

Final Rating: 7/10


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