Album 0261: Orrery – Nine Odes To Oblivion

orrery nine odes to oblivion

Release Date: 2008
Genre: Black Metal


1. I (08:33)
2. II (01:52)
3. III (10:34)
4. IV (02:17)
5. V (09:49)
6. VI (01:23)
7. VII (13:38)
8. VIII (05:03)
9. IX (02:03)

Total Length: 55:11

I has a creepy intro, before going into a fairly cool riff/melody that repeats for the first few minutes. This whole album is instrumental and this style of drawing things out like that is fine by me. This is one of those albums where it is definitely more about the atmosphere than individual tracks and ideas. II is a reprieve from the heaviness, a nice couple minutes of acoustic meandering. III does get heavy, but the last few minutes are probably the best part of the section. The instruments calm down a bit while the sound of rain builds up, again focusing on the atmosphere.

IV continues directly on, finally stopping the music for a moment to adjust. V sort of starts the back half of the album in that sense, and it’s more good black metal. VI is a nice short interlude. VII is by far the largest track, and it takes a couple neat turns. VIII kind of reminds me of Bibio I guess, with the synths and lo-fi of it all. It’s a calm track to wind down from anything heavy. IX caps off the album with a nice acoustic piece. I definitely like this album, but I can’t quite say I love it. It’s a bit novel though, I really don’t know too much black metal that is wholly instrumental, but I guess the whole things blends together a bit.

Final Rating: 8/10


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