Album 0262: Candlemass – Candlemass


Release Date: 2005
Genre: Doom Metal


1. Black Dwarf (05:44)
2. Seven Silver Keys (04:59)
3. Assassin Of The Light (06:29)
4. Copernicus (07:17)
5. The Man Who Fell From The Sky (03:27)
6. Witches (06:22)
7. Born In A Tank (04:56)
8. Spellbreaker (07:02)
9. The Day And The Night (08:52)
10. Mars And Volcanoes (03:24)

Total Length: 58:33

Black Dwarf starts off with a pounding riff. It’s the perfect song to start off the album, and I love the vocals. This song was also my introduction to Candlemass and it’s not a bad one in that respect either. Seven Silver Keys is a bit slower paced, still of the same quality though. The synths are subdued but nice. Assassin Of The Light has some neat riffs and rhythms, but the song kind of drags for me a bit. Copernicus has some neat slower moments, but I can’t say I really love the song.

The Man Who Fell From The Sky is a fairly cool instrumental track. Witches has a great main riff, and the rest of the song is fairly cool. Born In A Tank is pretty similar, I could give it the same description. Spellbreaker has a good chorus, and the riffs are neat as well. I kind of think it could have stopped at the five minute mark, but oh well. The Day And The Night has cool slower parts, I like it. Mars And Volcanoes has some interesting riffs but the song is kind of forgettable. I really wanted to love this album but only a few songs really strike me, not sure what it is.

Final Rating: 7/10


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