Album 0270: Dream Theater – Taste The Memories


Release Date: 2003
Genre: Progressive Metal


1. Mission: Impossible (01:22)
2. Afterlife (06:08)
3. Under A Glass Moon (07:13)
4. Wait For Sleep (03:50)
5. Moon Bubbles (09:52)
6. To Live Forever (12:19)
7. Only A Matter Of Time (06:43)
8. Puppies On Acid (01:56)
9. Take The Time (10:48)
10. A Change Of Seasons (19:42)

Total Length: 01:19:53

This is a strange release by the band. It compiles some stuff from the band’s live shows in 1993 that hadn’t been release before. The majority of the tracks are from the Japan show that was featured on the first video release. The first of those hadn’t been released at all, while some had only been on the video and hadn’t been released on CD before. Mission: Impossible kicks it off with a fun cover. It’s something that would be fun live but skippable on disc. It does go right into Afterlife which is fairly energetic though James’ vocals seem to have some rough spots.

Under A Glass Moon also has a couple voice cracks but the song is always good. Wait For Sleep has an extended intro added on and the song is still nice though it feels weird to not have it as a prelude to Learning To Live. Moon Bubbles is a long instrumental piece, mostly focusing on Myung’s bass playing but Petrucci lends a hand as well. It has some neat moments, especially near the end but it’s certainly not my favorite jam the guys have done. To Live Forever immediately follows and unfortunately it’s a song I’ve never really liked. The solos that begin after the main part of the song ends are pretty nice, but I just can’t get into the actual song. There is just nothing enjoyable about it for me.

Only A Matter Of Time is played quite well here. Always a fun song. Puppies On Acid is an early instrumental version of The Mirror. Again, I’m sure it’s fun live but to have this without the rest of the song would get on my nerves. Take The Time gets a little bit extra to it, especially near the end, and overall I enjoy the song in pretty much any form. The last track is from a completely different show, and it’s an early version of A Change Of Seasons. This same performance is also featured on an official bootleg but with a different mix, somehow. This version sounds cleaner and breathes a bit more but is nearly entirely mono instead of stereo. There are a couple neat moments in here that were cut from the song that I wish they had kept, but overall what we ended up getting was much more refined and worth the wait. This whole little collection is a nice distraction but not as enjoyable as a regular release.

Final Rating: 7/10


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