Album 0274: Catch 22 – Washed Up And Through The Ringer!


Release Date: 1999/2001
Genre: Ska/Punk


1. Straight Forward (02:03)
2. To Be Continued (01:17)
3. Sincerely Yours (01:08)
4. One Love/People Get Ready (02:42)
5. Leaving (02:16)
6. Hard To Impress (02:05)
7. American Pie (02:11)
8. What Goes Around Comes Around (live) (02:44)
9. Hard To Impress (live) (03:02)
10. It Takes Some Time (live) (03:55)
11. Arm To Arm (live) (02:29)
12. Thinking About Things (live) (02:00)
13. American Pie (live) (03:35)
14. No Love For The Roadie (07:39)
15. The Death Of My Blood Is Your Indulgence (00:49)
16. Blowin’ In The Wind/On & On & On (live) (03:46)
17. Kristina She Doesn’t Know I Exist (live) (03:02)
18. 9mm And A Three Piece Suit (live) (01:36)

Total Length: 48:20

Straight Forward starts off with a generic riff, and I kind of like the chorus. The bridge is kind of out of nowhere and not mixed very well, but I suppose it kind of works though The Planet Smashers do it better. To Be Continued is a fairly good song, and actually was continued on the band’s next album as the song Chin Up. Sincerely Yours sounds like a cut track from Alone In A Crowd, and I think that might be what it actually is but it’s unclear. It’s okay.

One Love/People Get Ready is a Bob Marley cover, though People Get Ready is actually originally by another artist. I feel like this is kind of a baseless cover. There’s no emotion in any of it and feels very by the book and useless. This album was originally an EP with four tracks released in 1999, and then later expanded in 2001, and these last few tracks were new. Leaving starts off what the original EP was, and it’s pretty basic and really doesn’t do much for me. I cannot imagine the kick in the ass this track would have given someone back when it was first released. After Keasbey Nights set the band kind of well apart from similar acts at a time, a devolution to this sound as well as a different singer makes it feel like a whole other band.

Hard To Impress was re-recorded for Alone In A Crowd and it’s obviously played better there. Still a fine song. American Pie is a cover of the classic and again it feels really by the book. Like, “Hey, let’s a do a punk cover of some classic song, that’s original!” Kind of a waste. What Goes Around Comes Around and almost all the tracks after it are live tracks, and I actually really like this song. Hard To Impress is this song again, and I still think it’s okay.

It Takes Some Time is sort of a fun song. Arm To Arm is enjoyable. Thinking About Things is fun as well. American Pie ends the first set of live tracks and you can just look at what I said about it before. No Love For The Roadie is a long-ass hip hop song that is neither interesting nor innovative. The Death Of My Blood Is Your Indulgence is a dumb short hardcore song and is honestly an embarrassment. After that we get back to a few more live tracks.

Blowin’ In The Wind doesn’t last very long, and barely works as an intro. On & On & On is a great song but this audio quality isn’t too great. I suppose it’s played somewhat well. Kristina She Doesn’t Know I Exist being on here is kind of a travesty. It’s one of the most personal songs from Keasbey Nights and they take it and cut half the song and speed it up for no reason. They also have some girl singing in the chorus which… makes zero sense. They also add some lyrics about her being a whore which is incredibly displeasing and frankly adding misogyny to the song because they just felt like it. Playing it like this is bad enough, but I have no idea why they would release it.

9mm And A Three Piece Suit is kind of fun and then the song just CUTS THE FUCK OUT. Like the song itself doesn’t finish, it just cuts in the middle of a bar. Again, who the hell thought that this was worth releasing, even as a ‘hidden’ track? I honestly never listen to this. Any decent songs were on better albums, and there is some really distasteful stuff going on here. Just plain bad.

Final Rating: 4/10


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