Album 0275: The Pillows – Good Dreams


Release Date: 2004
Genre: Alternative Rock/Pop


1. Xavier (02:00)
2. Walkin’ On The Spiral (03:25)
3. That Future Is Now (03:27)
4. You Stood There, Like An Angel (03:12)
5. Orange Film Garden (04:46)
6. Frontiers (02:55)
7. Lo-Fi Boy, Fighter Girl (03:01)
8. New Year’s Eve (03:41)
9. Bad Dreams (02:50)
10. Good Dreams (04:46)
11. Rosy Head (02:49)

Total Length: 36:52

Xavier opens and gets going quickly, with upbeat guitars and pretty nice vocals. Good way to start the album. Walkin’ On The Spiral is sung in Japanese for the most part, the band readily switches between both languages as necessary which is interesting. The pre-chorus and chorus on this song are great and will stick in your head for a good while. That Future Is Now isn’t quite as catchy but still an above average track.

You Stood There, Like An Angel is really great, I love the guitars and there’s a bit of emotion in the song. There’s also some neat synth use sliding in there. Orange Film Garden is the standout song for me. It’s quirky and I loved it from the first time I heard it. I still have no idea what the lyrics mean but sometimes that doesn’t matter. Frontiers is a bit of a slower track, I like it well enough but it doesn’t stick with me.

Lo-Fi Boy, Fighter Girl is a fun alternative song. The chorus is super catchy and makes the track. New Year’s Eve works pretty well for what it is. It’s a calmer song, and it serves as a nice breather. Bad Dreams is an instrumental, and a fairly good one at that. Good Dreams starts off well but I kind of get bored by the song most of the way through. Rosy Head is fun enough but again doesn’t do much for me, and the way it cuts off is slightly annoying. Also, the mastering on the entire album is a bit loud and abrasive. Despite this, I enjoy listening to this album. It’s not big or grandiose it’s simply good, clean, upbeat music.

Final Rating: 7/10

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