Album 0276: Freak Kitchen – Spanking Hour


Release Date: 1996
Genre: Progressive Rock/Metal


1. Walls Of Stupidity (04:32)
2. Haw, Haw, Haw (04:36)
3. Jerk (04:13)
4. Taste My Fist (03:40)
5. Burning Bridges (04:14)
6. Inner Revolution (03:40)
7. Lisa (04:34)
8. Spanking Hour (04:29)
9. Proud To Be Plastic (04:39)
10. Dystopia (03:47)
11. The Bitter Season (05:40)

Total Length: 48:03

Walls Of Stupidity has awesome riffs and lyrics, and the chorus and guitar solo are great as well. Fantastic opening track. Haw, Haw, Haw is pretty heavy but the chorus is oddly upbeat and sounds like a Disney chorus. It’s a strange combo that works really well, I like this song. Jerk is fairly good, the chorus sticks with me, but that’s about all. I wouldn’t pick it before some of the other songs on here, if that explains anything at all.

Taste My Fist has a lot of fun rhythms, especially in the bridge and main riff. The lyrics are also pleasing, personally. Burning Bridges starts off sounding like a grunge song which left a sour taste, but the song ends up being really enjoyable and calming. Inner Revolution is a very good song, yet I kind of forget it once it’s over and can only sort of remember the riff. Lisa is a complete change of pace and it’s very nice. The chorus vocals really stick in my head.

Spanking Hour sadly doesn’t interest me a whole bunch. I like some moments on it but oddly it’s one of my least favorite tracks on the album. Proud To Be Plastic has some quirkiness which I love, and the chorus is simply amazing. Dystopia has amazing vocals and is simply a fantastic song. Pretty much most of the things I love from this band are on the last two tracks. The Bitter Season is fairly good but kind of a let-down after the previous songs. This is a strong, solid album with no bad points, but I don’t love it like I can with other albums.

Final Rating: 8/10


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