Album 0279: Imogen Heap – Speak For Yourself


Release Date: 2005
Genre: Pop


1. Headlock (03:37)
2. Goodnight And Go (03:52)
3. Have You Got It In You? (04:11)
4. Loose Ends (03:41)
5. Hide And Seek (04:29)
6. Clear The Area (04:14)
7. Daylight Robbery (03:22)
8. The Walk (05:14)
9. Just For Now (03:00)
10. I Am In Love With You (03:09)
11. Closing In (04:48)
12. The Moment I Said It (06:00)
13. Speeding Cars (03:37)
14. Can’t Take It In (04:40)

Total Length: 57:54

Note: There is a bonus instrumental version of the album (minus tracks 13 and 14, as they are bonus tracks). Hide And Seek of course would be pretty much nothing as an instrumental, so instead it’s replaced with Cumulus (04:44) which was the b-side to Hide And Seek. Cumulus is a really cool track, it reminds me of the music in the game Journey. The instrumentals are cool because for once they have actually removed all of the vocals, even the backing ones which always annoyed me when some other artists do this.

Headlock is a perfect blend of musing and pop sensibilities. There is a touch of weirdness that is kind of magical and I love her vocals. Goodnight And Go is more of a standard pop song, but it’s done incredibly well. There was definitely a period of time where I was obsessed with this song. I simply love it. Have You Got It In You? is fantastic as well. The production is fantastic on here, and everything melds together well. Again the vocals are a standout.

Loose Ends is fun, I love the intro and the rest of the song is pretty good as well. A tiny step down from the previous tracks but not by much. Hide And Seek is the big song on the album, an acapella song fused with modern production. Her voice gets its own backing but with use of synths/vocoders. I’m not entirely sure how it was done but it’s really cool. Just an insanely cool track that everyone should be familiar with.

Clear The Area is a very nice track as well. It’s catchy and my only issue with it is that I think the intro is a bit long. Daylight Robbery is sadly a track I’m not very fond of. The backing music sounds like the late 90s pop that never appealed to me. It’s kind of a wall of cheesy sound. The Walk is a good step back into good graces, I enjoy it a lot. Just For Now is fairly nice but I do kind of get bored halfway through.

I Am In Love With You has a cool yet annoying intro, but once the song gets into it I really like it. Closing In is quite a nice track as well, but I think it may just be a touch long. Not a huge complaint on it though, I never really get bored during it. The Moment I Said It is a bigger track and it does some neat things, like throwing in some samples as it builds to a climax but I don’t entirely like how long it goes on, or the 30 seconds of silence after the song ends.

Speeding Cars is good but solely on Heap’s voice and delivery. Can’t Take It In is kind of a boring track for me I suppose. I can see why it was relegated to bonus track status. This is an album that gets better with some more listens, though I will probably always have those few problems with it. Also kind of weird that Cumulus was way better than the other bonus tracks but got relegated to single b-side or on a deluxe version.

Final Rating: 8/10


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