Album 0280: Mors Principium Est – Liberation = Termination


Release Date: 2007
Genre: Melodic Death Metal


1. Orsus (00:26)
2. The Oppressed Will Rise (03:20)
3. The Animal Within (03:31)
4. Finality (03:18)
5. Cleansing Rain (04:21)
6. Forgotten (01:44)
7. Sinner’s Defeat (05:26)
8. The Distance Between (04:17)
9. It Is Done (02:50)
10. Terminal Liberation (04:17)
11. Lost Beyond Retrieval (04:45)

Total Length: 38:13

Orsus is about as decent an intro that isn’t a full blown song can be. It’s short enough where hearing it each time isn’t a bother, and simply acts as a good lead in. The Oppressed Will Rise is strong and fast. The riffs are notable and catchy and the vocals work well. The solo section is also effective, which is rare in a whole lot of metal honestly. The Animal Within starts off sounding like something off a Mortal Kombat film soundtrack, and the music builds on top of it. It works to an extent, but the song doesn’t exactly go anywhere with it and kind of stays steady.

Then we transition to Finality with a very cool riff. It’s a great song overall, I love the chorus. Cleansing Rain also has an amazing chorus, it injects that bit of emotion that I always adore. Forgotten is an instrumental track and more of an interlude. It’s sort of nice but one of those tracks that I wouldn’t exactly miss if it didn’t exist. Sinner’s Defeat is kind of a lesser track for me. It’s nice but I think it goes on too long, and just isn’t as catchy as some of the other songs.

The Distance Between unfortunately falls into the same trap. The pace is a tad slow and it drags the song down. It Is Done at least makes things a bit briefer but I’m still not too fond of it. Terminal Liberation is a bit better, and the chorus kind of sticks in your head yet I don’t like it. Lost Beyond Retrieval ends everything with an instrumental, and frankly it’s a better song than most of the last few. It has a couple different tones in it and never gets boring. Great upswing at the end. This album does start off really well but sinks down for me in the second half to just ‘decent’ melodeath.

Final Rating: 7/10


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