Album 0281: The Muppets – The Muppets Original Soundtrack


Release Date: 2011
Genre: Soundtrack/Musical


1. The Muppet Show Theme (00:51)
2. Life’s A Happy Song (04:29)
3. Pictures In My Head (02:36)
4. Rainbow Connection (Moopets Version) (01:02)
5. Me Party (01:53)
6. Let’s Talk About Me (02:33)
7. Man Or Muppet (02:58)
8. Smells Like Teen Spirit (02:23)
9. Forget You (02:29)
10. Rainbow Connection (03:09)
11. The Whistling Caruso (01:15)
12. Life’s A Happy Song (Finale) (02:23)
13. Mahna Mahna (02:05)

Total Length: 30:06

The Muppet Show Theme is pretty obvious. A great re-recording of the classic theme song, I love it. Life’s A Happy Song is wonderful, I love how it builds up and the lyrics are still great. The only thing is I don’t entirely like including so much of the dialogue from the film in the middle, but it works as far as allowing a breath. Pictures In My Head is a fantastic song, I love Kermit sounding sad and everyone cheering him up. I’m such a child.

Rainbow Connection (Moopets Version) is a strange little version of the classic track, works better in the movie of course. Me Party is a fun song that honestly sounds better here than in the movie. Not entirely sure why, I guess because the awkward visuals in the movie kind of drags it down a bit. Let’s Talk About Me is extended from the film version, with a whole section in the middle explaining why the villain doesn’t like The Muppets which honestly should have been in the movie. It’s a fine track.

Man Or Muppet is a standout track from the movie. I love the vibe of it, and even though there is a tad too much autotune on Jason Segel I can overlook it a bit. Smells Like Teen Spirit is an a capella version of the Nirvana track, and this is also an extended version from what was seen in the film. I think this time it goes on a bit long, and Jack Black made it funnier in the movie. Forget You is a chicken version of the Cee Lo Green song, and again is extended. This is pretty fun but I don’t need this to be this long either.

Rainbow Connection is again a new, big version of the classic song. I really like this version, especially since parts of it aren’t talked over like in the film. The Whistling Caruso is a ton of fun. I love the mix of whistling and classical music. Life’s A Happy Song (Finale) touches upon the fun rhythms and lyrics of the opening track and adds in the characters from the rest of the film and works really well. Mahna Mahna is quite a well known song, and they play it wonderfully here. I really loved this movie and this soundtrack is pretty much a nice use of time, for the most part.

Final Rating: 8/10

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