Album 0282: Suidakra – Lays From Afar


Release Date: 1999
Genre: Folk/Melodic Death Metal


1. A Darksome Path (04:36)
2. Chants Of Lethe (04:32)
3. The Well Of Might (04:03)
4. The Hidden Quest (03:52)
5. Morrigan (03:50)
6. Peregrin (01:24)
7. Wasted Lands (04:36)
8. Strayed In Nowhere (04:20)
9. Airne (01:08)
10. Lays From Afar (04:36)
11. Foggy Dew (01:19)

Total Length: 38:15

A Darksome Path has a short atmospheric intro before breaking into a really strong riff. There are a lot of great riffs in this song, and the vocals work quite well. They’re not amazing but they are melodic enough and fit like a glove, kind of like Windir’s vocals. There is also a somewhat cheesy folk bit near the end but I kind of dig it. Chants Of Lethe has some vocals I’m not as fond of but the song is fairly good otherwise.

The Well Of Might similarly isn’t as good as the first track, but it’s not bad. The Hidden Quest features a big folk element and mostly clean vocals. Oddly I like those to be sprinkled in, they’re just not as interesting as the band’s harsh vocals. The folk stuff is nice though. Morrigan has some nice riffs in it, and I’m glad to get back to a slightly heavier fare in this song. Peregrin is a short acoustic track, it’s a nice breather I suppose.

Wasted Lands is an okay song, I like the bridge but it doesn’t seem to go on for quite long enough. Strayed In Nowhere has some nice moments, but doesn’t seem to really set itself apart. Airne is a nice little instrumental, but not really necessary. Lays From Afar is a stronger track though, I enjoy it. Foggy Dew is a short instrumental that caps off everything, it’s okay. This album starts off really well and never gets ‘bad’ but it also never really uses the goodwill from the first track to make something strong.

Final Rating: 6.5/10


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