Album 0283: Ragnarok – Diabolical Age


Release Date: 2000
Genre: Black Metal


1. It’s War (07:17)
2. Nocturnal Sphere (08:28)
3. Diabolical Age (07:07)
4. Certain Death (05:16)
5. The Heart Of Satan (05:28)
6. Devastated Christ (08:32)
7. The Key Is Turned For The 7th Time (06:13)
8. Postludium (05:54)

Total Length: 54:15

It’s War begins with a scream. A fairly generic scream, but a scream nonetheless. The music then blows up behind it and that disappointment of the feeling that you’d heard it before goes away. The production is really well done for the time, this band was starting to dismiss the ‘required’ lo-fi quality black metal was known for. The riffs are also never disappointing. The vocals are kind of hidden behind the music, but it’s on purpose. The atmsophere is the most important aspect, and it of course is brilliant. Great opening track.

Nocturnal Sphere has a slightly clumsy opening but I can forgive it. The song is not as varied or strong as the opening track, but it’s still solid and worth listening to. Diabolical Age is a great song, a bit better than the previous track. I’d wager that it goes on a bit long but I don’t entirely mind. Like I’ve stated before, one of my favorite things about black metal is when they go on for a while and I get lost in the song.

Certain Death has a great opening and holy crap the drumming. I normally don’t notice drumming but the cymbal play is ridiculous. Definitely a great song. The Heart Of Satan is a good song as well but unfortunately it doesn’t stand out in any real way. Devastated Christ brings back the goodness though, really strong track. The Key Is Turned For The 7th Time is kind of giving me a feeling of “more of the same” at this point but I can ignore it. Fine track.

Postludium is a complete change in pace, almost entirely solo piano with some other synth effects on there, and a rain sound throughout. I like the idea of this being placed the end, like a calm after the storm that has taken place. This is a great album that really surprised me, because I don’t see this band get talked about too often honestly. Melodic and fast and awesome.

Final Rating: 8/10


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