Album 0284: Dragonland – Holy War

Dragonland - Holy War

Release Date: 2002
Genre: Power Metal


1. Hundred Years Have Passed (02:24)
2. Majesty Of The Mithril Mountains (05:29)
3. Through Elven Woods And Dwarven Minese (05:33)
4. Holy War (06:48)
5. Calm Before The Storm (04:49)
6. The Return To The Ivory Plains (06:04)
7. Forever Walking Alone (04:56)
8. Blazing Hate (05:16)
9. A Thousand Points Of Lights (06:02)
10. One With All (04:23)
11. The Neverending Story (03:03)
12. Allemande (01:05)

Total Length: 55:52

Hundred Years Have Passed is a standard symphonic intro. It has some neat ideas but the quality of the synths aren’t the greatest, and so I find the track a tiny bit skippable sometimes. Majesty Of The Mithril Mountains however sounds like a completely different style of production. Not just by adding all the metal parts, but the synths themselves sound and fit better. This song is kind of big and honestly really good. I like how it starts their idea of telling a story, in contrast to the way Rhapsody does for example.

Through Elven Woods And Dwarven Mines is great as well. The intro is nice and the bridge is similarly cool, and the rest of the song is good ole power metal. Holy War keeps the train rolling with another solid song. The end is a bit sudden I guess but that’s okay. Calm Before The Storm has an acoustic opening and close which is neat. The song itself plods a bit though and there is one really weird synth part in the middle.

The Return To The Ivory Plains is fine, I suppose. It doesn’t quite stand out but it’s not bad. Forever Walking Alone is structured differently, starting with a piano and building up the instruments until the big ending. It’s nice in that regard but I kind of prefer the other tracks. Blazing Hate has a really cool opening and a neat little drum moment, and is a solid song overall. A Thousand Points Of Light has a neat solo section and is generally a fine song.

One With All is the end of the regular run of the album, and it’s a symphonic ending. It’s pretty atmospheric, though the guitar use is ridiculously cheesy and I could have done without it. A nice change of pace though. The Neverending Story is a cover of the song from the film with the same name. Supremely cheesy and you simply can’t hate this song. Allemande is a Bach piece, and it’s done with acoustic guitar. Fine little track. This album can be described by the word ‘cheesy’ pretty well but it is actually pretty well done. Not as varied as some of the band’s later work, but it never gets bad or too boring.

Final Rating: 7.5/10


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