Album 0285: Wolfchant – Call Of The Black Winds


Release Date: 2011
Genre: Folk Metal


1. Black Winds Rising (Prelude) (02:05)
2. Stormwolves (05:38)
3. Eremit (04:23)
4. Black Fire (04:20)
5. Naturgewalt (05:33)
6. Heathen Rise (06:09)
7. Never Will Fall (04:08)
8. Die Nacht Der Wölfe (04:20)
9. The Last Farewell (04:20)
10. Der Stahl In Meinem Feinde (04:55)
11. Call Of The Black Winds (08:57)

Total Length: 54:48

Black Winds Rising (Prelude) is your pretty standard symphonic intro for a metal album. Nothing special, and in fact the quality of the samples isn’t that good at all and sounds like something from the 90s, not a couple years ago. Stormwolves is a very good track, and easily a notable improvement over the first album I heard from these guys, both in songwriting and production. That said, the song goes on a bit too long and relies on the chorus a bit much for my taste.

Eremit is a really cool song. They rely on the chorus here as well but by virtue of it being a better chorus the whole song works a lot better. Black Fire has a neat opening leading into an awesome riff and a great chorus, with a really cool bridge. Incredibly strong song. Naturgewalt is great as well, not quite as catchy as the previous track but everything simply works. Heathen Rise starts off with some nice synth usage, way better than the prelude in fact. The rest of the song has some great moments, it’s pretty well crafted.

Never Will Fall is the point where things start to feel like they are maybe repeating themselves. It’s a fine song but I get that ‘samey’ feeling. Die Nacht Der Wölfe isn’t terribly interesting to me though, for mostly the same reasons. The Last Farewell has an interesting vocal rhythm repeated that isn’t like anything in any of the other songs. What I’m trying to say, badly, is that it’s a pretty unique and cool track.

Der Stahl In Meinem Fiende isn’t quite as interesting, but it has some good riffs throughout its run. Call Of The Black Winds is a bigger song, with an extended intro and outro. The latter of those is kind of boring, vamping out for a solid ninety seconds. The bulk of the song is pretty good, on par with the rest of the album. The whole album is stronger than the other I’d heard from them, but I sadly don’t find myself wanting to listen to more than a couple of tracks from this most of the time.

Final Rating: 7.5/10


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