Album 0286: The Planet Smashers – No Self Control


Release Date: 2001
Genre: Ska/Punk


1. Fabricated (02:43)
2. No Self Control (03:46)
3. Wish I Were American (03:07)
4. Evaluation Day (01:44)
5. Blind (02:27)
6. Stupid Present (02:37)
7. Struggle (02:40)
8. It’s Over (04:02)
9. Hey Hey (02:29)
10. Goin’ Out (02:48)
11. Record Collector (02:17)
12. She’s Late (02:30)
13. Rambler (01:59)
14. Sk8 Or Die (02:23)

Total Length: 37:32

Fabricated has a wonderful start, and the verse is fantastic. In addition, the pre-chorus and chorus are also great, as well as little touches like some light cymbal play and keyboards off in the distance. Amazing opening song. No Self Control is a solid track but a bit lacking for me. It goes on a bit long and I really am not fond of the guitar in the chorus. Wish I Were American has a really cool rhythm and I like some of the little woodwind sounds. Just a really nice song.

Evaluation Day is a fun little angry song. My only issue with it is that it doesn’t really seem to go anywhere and they kind of already did this idea better on their first album. Blind is a fantastic track though. Just catchy and fast and upbeat, though with slightly depressing lyrics. Stupid Present is kind of good but also sort of boring. Like, I just lose interest halfway through but it’s not necessarily a bad track.

Struggle however is incredible. Great opening and the vocals are unbelievable. Not in terms of singing ability, I just absolutely love the melody and the music backing it up. The build up to the chorus just gets stuck in my head like a damn virus. It’s Over is a nice calm song. Very downtrodden and I never get tired of it. Hey Hey is an upbeat song, the chorus stands out in particular. I also kind of like the accusatory lyrics.

Goin’ Out is a fun song as well, though I get tired of ‘party’ songs pretty quickly. This song also has a guest vocal which adds something, I suppose. Record Collector is quite fun though, I love the extra instruments again as well. She’s Late is a song that thankfully I haven’t been able to relate to, but I can understand the fear this song relates. It’s a great song.

Rambler has never really caught my ear. It’s good enough, but I don’t enjoy what it was going for. Sk8 Or Die however has that same ‘roughness’ in a sense but the song is much more enjoyable. The ending is also kind of fun. I quite like this album, it’s a fun listen but I’ve always preferred certain songs, they just stand out more. It’s a weird thing with this band, I absolutely love some of their songs but it seems tough for them to have a very strong, consistent album.

Final Rating: 7.5/10


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