Album 0290: Tulus – Biography Obscene


Release Date: 2007
Genre: Black Metal


1. Prelude (02:50)
2. Natal Day (04:20)
3. Stories Untold (04:58)
4. Victim (04:16)
5. Chamber’s Disgust (02:40)
6. Allow No Light (03:23)
7. Morbid Curiosity (03:03)
8. Demise (03:30)
9. Biography Obscene (03:19)
10. Torches Quenched (02:38)

Total Length: 34:58

Prelude is an unbelievable opening. The track begins with what sounds like an orchestra tuning up, kind of creepy but melodic. Then we get some silence before one of the best riffs I’ve ever heard, in all honesty. It’s just so catchy and the harsh vocals work well, there are backing female vocals, and you can hear the bass well. We also get a break for some strings and acoustic guitar before going back into the heaviness, this track alone would make the album great.

Natal Day is pretty great as well. Cool opening and the riffs are great, though not as notable as on the first track. There is also a bit of spanish guitar tossed into this song. Stories Untold gets a lot of violin usage, just great. Again I gotta highlight that the bass is so heavy and cool. Victim has some great riffs as well, still not as ‘out there’ as the opening track but just really solid stuff.

Chamber’s Disgust is a nice little song. It’s not incredible but I like it well enough. Allow No Light is just a tad slower and really cool. I especially like the creepy ending. Morbid Curiosity features some great riffs, really quality song. Demise ups the ante though. The riff by itself is great, and then we get a slower section with some horns over the droning guitars which is really neat. There’s also a strange sax solo. Kind of off-kilter but it fits the mood.

Biography Obscene is where things come together for me, the dual vocals from the first song return, the harsh and female vocals. It’s so good that it literally sends chills up my body. Torches Quenched finishes things up, starting with an organ playing some nice, slightly creepy stuff. The rest of the song is more standard, but there are some great riffs in it. This is a very solid album. Kind of sad that the best track is honestly right at the start, but there is nothing bad on here.

Final Rating: 8/10

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